10-2-15_DIRTYBIRD-WATCHARA74 Dirtybird Records: Original, authentic, ever-growing music label out of San Francisco, with a dedicated fan base of thousands of “Dirtybirds.”

The Do Lab: MVP of Coachella Music and Arts Festival, creators of Lightning in a Bottle, Woogie Weekend, and more.

What happens when these two join forces, and produce a new festival, or should I say, adult SUMMER CAMP? Well, we over at EPIC got to see first handedly what this was all about, and being both extreme lovers of The Do Lab and Dirtybird, the excitement was through the roof.

Now, Dirtybird Campout was indeed a musical festival stacked with a extremely talented lineup of artists. Not only did the Dirtybirds Claude Vonstroke, Justin Martin, Ardalan, J. Phlip, Justin Jay, Worthy, Christian Martin, and more play noteworthy sets that repped Dirtybird to the T, but also EPROM, Lunice, Mikey Lion, and more came out to camp with us. Lets not forget, the last minute additions of LA’s Samo Sound Boy and Danny Daze, who brought the heat to Oak Canyon Park with their unforgettable mixing abilities and song selection.

DCB2015-8696Upon entering the festival, it was clear that The Do Lab played a major part in the production of this event. From the giant Camp Dirtybird sign made out of wooden sticks that greeted festival goers, to the booming sound system that vibrated our bodies with each Barrump, the Oak Canyon park was transformed into a massive adult playground.

The Do Lab used their creative expertise to transform the venue into a whimsical utopia. We were completely immersed in the experience of being away at summer camp. First day jitters quickly turned into full blown frenzy as we discovered all that was offered. We became inspired by every person we interacted with - not only our fellow campers, but the Camp Counselors and staff members as well. Each person was deeply dedicated to their role in adding to your experience. From Camp Counselors offering a helping hand with tents, to fellow Team members pulling you aside the spread the word of secret team meet ups, the ambiance was all encompassing._MG_7601

A field of luscious green grass that surrounded a pond was an immediate game changer for a festival location - proving that the Do Lab and Dirtybird had a sublime, parallel vision for the home of the first ever Dirtybird Campout. With rowboats ready to be utilized by campers and a string-light filled bridge crossing the body of water, this was no ordinary summer camp. Being in such a spacious venue was perfect for all of the activities going on. We never felt crowded or suffocated, but at the same time, we never felt closer to each person in attendance, including the Dirtybird artists!

Not only was the location a perfect setting for this event, but The Do Lab and Dirtybird proved to be a true dream team in all aspects of combining the aesthetic of Dirtybird Records to the innovative production abilities that The Do Lab is known for. The stage that was home to dozens of artists over the weekend was an actual house… a giant birdhouse, that is. Our all stars had booty bouncing beats blasting from the front porch while campers tore up the lawn. Adjacent to the stage was a tree fort and bar where bystanders could grab refreshments, lounge in the branches, and be captivated by the spectacle.

Slip n slides, dodgeball, sack races, water balloon tosses, kickball, archery lessons, and more were taking place all weekend, offering a new activity each day for us to engage in. This was summer camp at it's finest - a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get down and dirty and play like we were 12 years old again. We’re still getting the dirt out of our hair and the mud out of our shoes.

Luckily for us this experience doesn't have to be once-in-a-lifetime. Next year promises the opportunity to return to Camp Dirtybird and we are eager to see what this Dream Team has in store for us the second time around!

The Do Lab: Website | Facebook | Twitter Dirtybird: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud AUTHOR CREDIT: BROOKE SLIGER & KATI MUNOZ PHOTO CREDIT: WATCHARA, WOBSARAZZI, JULIANA BERNSTEIN, & AMANDA MCHUGH