Every two years the Idanha-a-Nova Lake in Portugal transforms into a sacred playground for artists, dancers and dreamers alike, this mystical place is known as Boom Festival. The Los Angeles based production company, Do LaB made their third trip to Boom Festival this past summer with a special goal in mind. To create the largest structure to date, a goliath named the Boom Dance Temple.

The Do LaB wanted something that reflected their ability to enchant festival goers while encompassing everything Boom Festival believes in. Ten months of planning went into assembling this 50,000 square foot temple that could hold two of Coachella’s Big Fish stage and there would still be room to dance around.

The team was assembled with talented members from all around the world. Do LaB co-founder and lead builder Josh Flemming explained, One of the biggest challenges at first is the language barrier. Everyone speaks some form of English but it’s challenging at times to know that we are all on the same page and fully understand each other.”  The team overcame much adversity during construction, such as working in temperatures of 115 degrees and oftentimes working through the night. The temple reflects many of their previous designs and keeps the Do LaB’s signature zoomorphic style.

The Do LaB is hoping to carry this ambition into it’s 2017 in-house production Lightning In A Bottle. Achieving the massive success of the Boom Dance Temple has inspired co-founder Josh Flemming and the rest of the Do LaB to turn LIB into more of an international festival. Big things are in store for Do LaB and we’re excited to see what they come out with next.

Want to see what plans the Do LaB has in store? Check out their blog here.

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