With the controversial news released last week over EDC 2014 not being able to take place in Las Vegas due to taxes and governmental issues, a large sigh of relief escaped the lives of thousands of ravers across the country and even the globe when Pasquale Rotella and the rest of the Insomniac team released the lineup for the 2013 EDC event.

The lineup is stacked high with performers, DJs, and producers ranging from all talents and abilities leaving most satisfied. However, important news was quickly released by San Francisco native DJ/producer, Kaskade, tweeting that he was in fact NOT DJing at EDC Las Vegas during June 21-23 of this year. Kaskade’s name was put in alphabetical order next to Justin Martin and Kate Raudenbush on the list that was released at 4:30 PST earlier today.  Kaskade later tweeted to his fans that he would not be at the Electric Daisy Carnival and that it most have been some sort of mistake.

Author Credit: Cheyenne Havens