It's already been over a week since the Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas, and we know a lot of you are probably tired of hearing about the crazy festival, but there's more information we thought appropriate to expel at you.

According to statistics the main stage, formally known as Kinetic Field,  used the second tallest scaffolding in American history. The tallest was created when the Statue of Liberty was being renovated in the '80s. This statistic not only promotes electronic dance music and festival culture on a national scale, but it also provides the people who attended this magical event with bragging rights saying they got to experience such a breathtaking view of the massive, yet beautiful, structure. Having somewhat of a resemblance to the type of main stage at TomorrowLand's 2012, Kinetic Field was deemed the largest stage in the world of its kind.

Big ups to Mountain Productions who spent countless hours assembling such a ginormous and sturdy structure.

"If you laid all of the scaffolding used for the main stage end to end, it would span over 50 miles," according to Mountain Production's description of their EDC 2013 project via their website. The stage was "built to withstand 90 mph winds with all equipment installed" so there would be no mishaps like at EDC 2012 on Day Two.

Everyone who witnessed the colossal structure during EDC weekend in Vegas was forced to wonder how Insomniac Events and the numerous production, sound and lighting vendors are going to surpass the over-the-top production value that was conveyed at this year's festival. We'll just have to wait another year and find out, for now check out this dope time-lapse video of the making of 2013's Kinetic Field.