Guaranteed to break the norm from any musical act you have ever seen or heard before, Eko Zu, manages to captivate audiences time after time. Composed of the musical trio Zu’ri, Zu’ian and Zu’CH3N from the deserted isle of Eko, in the Mariana Archipelago, this musical group is unlike any other.

Part animal, part human, these hybrid like creatures incorporate a wild harmony to provide fans both new and old with something fresh and innovative. With the harmonious guitar strums from Zu'CH3N, to the raw melodic sounds of Zu'ri's voice, mixed with the wild percussive patterns of Zu'ian's drums, the trio has managed to conquer anything from jungle sounds to mystic lullabies of the Pacific. 

Their most recent project includes a stellar four minute 'minimix' that captures everything Eko Zu lives for. Sweet-sounding lyrics combined with guitar strums, drums, and hints of electronic sound make this 'minimix' an uplifting listen for any occasion. Providing a unique energy incomparable to any other 'Eko Zu' manages to conquer any project they put their hearts into. Their most recent 'minimix' release teases eager fans in anticipation of their Eternal Eyes EP set to be released as a four-part series starting Nov 17.

Can't wait for their EP? Eko Zu will be performing October 23 in West Hollywood opening up for Nytrix and tickets can be found here. And make sure you RSVP here!


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