Spring is here and Electric Family is releasing their brand new spring line Sunday, February 26th at 10am PST. As usual, Electric Family’s new line will feature on trend pieces at affordable price points. In addition to, and perhaps even more exciting than that, their theme for the new Spring line is “A CAMPAIGN FOR PEACE”.

Recently releasing a preview video showcasing the new styles soon to come, each piece showcases PEACE. Whether it be a short phrase (Peace Is Dope), or a simple symbol like the peace sign, Electric Family is zeroing in on the trials at hand in current events. As our world quickly changes, and disputes are sparked, one thing we all need to remember is that “there is more power in unity than division”.

Electric family is more than just a clothing company, but a movement to bring unity amongst its fans. They have been constant in encouraging its consumers to get involved with the world around them, all while showcasing the movement for unity and peace while wearing the brand. Electric Family is exactly that - a family. Join the movement!