I get nothing but chills whenever I reminisce on my Memorial Day Weekends spent at the San Antonino Recreation Area in Bradley, CA for Do Lab's Lightning in a Bottle. The event provides a sense of security and euphoria for anyone who makes the trek to the now, rain filled lake beds. This year, from May 24-25th, is sure to be no different.

There is something unexplainable about Lightning in a Bottle, something I have struggled to put into words for years now. The best way I could describe the amazing festival, is how one of the founders DeDe Flemmings, put it into words at my first adventure to the unique festival. When asked how Lightning in a Bottle got its name, Flemmings really didn't have a concrete answer. However, he did say that he imagines the moments you experience and capture at LiB,  is similar to catching Lightening and putting it into a bottle. That simple, yet powerful statement will resonate with me for days to come. 

The music at Lightning in a Bottle is just the tip of what this magical festival has to offer. Energetic sunrise yoga sessions, carefully crafted stage designs, places like Amori's, cooking classes, once in a lifetime moments, and energy unlike any other all help to carefully craft this special event. Fluidity- The Lightning in a Bottle 2017 Official Movie, helps to touch the surface of these special moments. Tickets for LiB go on sale January 24, and almost always sell out so grab yours as soon as possible! 

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