To my monster ravers, my horror lovers and Halloween enthusiasts, its coming to that time of year again where the costumes are grand, the music is epic and Escape Psycho Circus opens its doors. This October 30 and 31st, Insomniac is hosting their annual Escape festival full of frights and some crazy performers at the Nos Events Center in San Bernardino, CA. This year’s theme of a Psycho Circus definitely installs the horrors of clowns, mirror mazes and a ring master of fright.

Enter if you dare and follow the ring master through the rabbit hole into a circus of terror on all Hallows eve and see what Insomniac has in store.

This past week, the creators of Escape released one of the most staked line ups, for just two days, my eyes have ever seen. I’m talking artists like DashBerlin, to Insomniac’s prized Bassrush experience, to Showtek and to not a duo but a trio B2B set with ED Rush & Optical, the UpBeats and Prolix. And another unique performance this year at Escape is “Richie Hawtin Presents Enter.” There are artists for every different fan, for those who love trance to some insanely talented dubstep artists, this Halloween will be a memorable one.

Let’s break down the two separate days of artists and see the wonders that Pasquale Rotella and his team over at Insomniac prepared for us. Day 1 is October 30th, the eve of Halloween and sure to instill enough terror and excitement as actual Halloween. *Escape will give the lineup times closer to date, for now we know who will actually be there.* Day 1 list starts off with Above& Beyond, AndrewBayer, Bassrush Experience, Benny Benassi, Blasterjaxx and Crizzly. In this group alone of just 6 performances we already are given that arrangement of genres Insomniac is known for. Just a fragment of sensational trance, heavy bass and electronic dance we know we won’t be able to stop dancing to. On this day we also have that insane trio B2B that drum & bass fans cannot wait for, Ed RushOptical B2B Upbeats B2B Prolix. To you drum & bass enthusiasts out there we better see some insane head banging because a set like this doesn’t come often.

Continuing through the list we see two of the most outstanding artists from CircusRecords, Funtcase and co- owner Flux Pavilion. Check out the entire day 1 list to see what else is in store for the eve of the 31st. Day 2 is October 31st Halloween, the day monsters and ghouls can walk freely without a care and we get to rave to some incredible artists. As does Day 1, Day 2’s list is in alphabetical order. To start off Day 2 Amine Edge & Dance, Breach,D.O.D, DJ Snake and Dr. Fresch. Yet another group of 6 we see with such diversity. A bit of an electronic feel, electro house, trap and beats that will make you bounce. Day 2 also includes Showtek, the Netherlands duo sure to bring the house down and who knows maybe even include some of their old Hardstyle tracks like “FTS.” On the list we see the Super You & Me stage, a Laidback Luke stage dedicated to having a great time with a wild party atmosphere. Check out the rest of the Day 2 list for your favorite artists.

Insomniac is also known for a few tricks up their sleeve and maybe even a few surprise guests we do not know about. For now with the amazing staked line up they have, it’s sure to be a party at Escape this year. To my headliners prepare yourselves for the deep dark wonders of the Psycho Circus and the outrageous artists because Escape is coming up. Check on Insomniac’s website or the Escape Instagram for more information coming your way. Let the countdown begin.

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