arno French DJ and producer, Arno Cost, has been creating melodic music since 2006. Being in the industry for over a decade, he’s created a name for himself and has developed his identity in pop, house, progressive, and electronica. Releasing music on Protocol, Interscope, Size, Spinnin, and even a new EP titled "Coming Alive" [listen HERE], Arno continues to manifest the melodic contents of his music.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: How's MMW going so far for you?

It’s been great. I’m very tired form yesterday. We’ve been to a private party at Hot Nightclub. Today I’m doing some interviews then I’m going to the beach a little bit then I’m playing a couple of events this week.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: You've done MMW the past couple of years… How has the music or production changed?

Over the years it keeps getting bigger and bigger. Right now there are so many parties and so many people coming. It’s so exciting when you walk the street and see so many producers you work with. The vibe is great. It’s become more business. A lot of people are here to sign tracks, to sign you on, to host parties. Back in the day, I don’t remember it being so businessy. It’s perfect now. You can go out and have a drink by the pool and sign new artists, it’s Miami!

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: What do you think the future of house music will be?

That’s a very tough question. You don’t really know what’s going to happen but at least you can see the that EDM is going down. The hard sound and hot style of house music which we call EDM – I think people want more sound, more melodies in their music. That’s very exciting for me because my roots are there. I’m not a real hot style guy, I’m more into the melodies, the vocals, and the emotion. I think in ten years that will still be going on. I think music can evolve in a way where people will want to feel the emotions and melodies. Over the last two to four years, it wasn’t the case. People just wanted to jump… There’s no emotion in a jump. So, I’m very happy that “EDM” is going down and emotion is rising.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: How do you think your fans react to your music from the beginning of your career to now?

Well, I remember when I produced a few track on Size Records. It was more hard and hot style, not as melodic. I remember my fans wanted me to go back to my roots, go back to the melody, go back to the progressive vibe. I thought to myself, I could but that’s not what I wanted to do at the time. Everyone wants you to have something hard to dance on, to jump on. That’s not the case anymore. People want the melodies, the bass drops that you’re used to hear.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: How would you describe your sound?

Progressive. I like to take time on the tracks and to build it up. I love the melodies; I love to spread emotions. It’s hard to describe your sound but people have said my music is emotional and melodic. That’s my main goal. Your questions are very tough… It’s hard to say.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Well, isn’t that a good thing so you know you’re not always getting asked the same old questions?


EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Backtracking a bit, tell me about the first show you played at...

WHOA! That was a long time ago. You know, I’m more of a producer than a DJ. I started making music in my bedroom so basically I didn’t know how to DJ when I had my first gig. I remember it was at Quinn Club in Paris. He basically told me how to play tracks and how to mix them altogether. It took me a few gigs to get really into it but the feeling was so special. When you’re able to play your own music to people, it’s amazing.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: When you play at shows now, do you still get butterflies or does it all come so natural?

Well of course it’s more natural than it was ten years ago but the gigs I do now are still very special to me. Playing in countries like Japan where your fans have been waiting for you two years because you haven’t played there in awhile is so special. From Brazil to Australia, it’s special. Every gig has something different. Of course just before I go onstage, I feel something inside me… It can’t describe it but that the reason why I do what I do. To feel this surreal feeling.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: You’ve been in the scene for over a decade. Back then, the DJ wasn’t in the spotlight. Everyone who went to the club went to solely dance. Now, people go for the music, the production, the pyrotechnics, and of course the DJ who is star and center. How do you think we’ve transitioned to this point?

Because the DJs have become pop stars. Now there are acts and people want to see musicians and not a DJ. People don’t go for just the music but for the whole scene. DJs are no longer in the back of the room, people want to see the artist live and how it looks in real life. It’s different because DJs are now pop stars.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Have you ever thought about doing back to back sets with another artist?

I couldn’t see myself playing an eight hour set but after two to three hours it would be exhausting. It’s hard on your ears too but for your music selection it’s even harder. Eight hour sets for techno is more manageable because you can play a lot of tracks that are old and current. For progressive, it’s harder to play eight hour sets.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: In regards to music, have you ever reached out to great promotions you receive?

DJ receive a lot of promotions. I try to take an hour a day to listen to what DJs send me. Sometimes you have very good surprises.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Last question… It’s random but what is your spirit animal?

I love dogs so maybe it would be a dog… This is a tough question. Your questions are so different but I would have to say a dog.