Finding a niche in bass music, Candyland, aka Josie Martin, has proven that female producer and DJs are no joke. Becoming the first act to win back-to-back Beatport remix contests, Candyland has done remixes of Bingo Players and Skrillex, along with having tracks signed to OWSLA. As the Santa Barbara native continued to produce and remix hit track after hit track, “Candyland” became more than just a board game in the music scene. From trappy beats to dirty dubstep, and everything in between Candyland has proven that her hits aren’t the same consistent sound. Take a look at what Candyland had to say about selling out shows, fan experiences, and upcoming artists to keep an eye on.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS:What was the first gig you ever sold out and how did that make you feel?

Oregon; no show sold out but that one. It was crazy. I guess it kinda feels weird because you don't think that people really care but to see that many people come out

 EPIC PRODUCTIONS: That must have been a really great feeling

Yeah it was badass

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Before hitting up the club to perform a show, what do you typically do? Do you explore the city, plan out your set for that night, catch up on sleep, etc?

Catch up on sleep...that's exactly what I do. Go to the hotel, have room service, then crash. I never get to sleep, so if I have the chance, I'm all about it

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Can you pass out on a plane?

It took me a while, but I sleep with my head down but it definitely strains my neck

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Name one track and one artist that has shaped you as a producer and DJ.

"In the for Kill", the Skrillex remix. It was the first dubstep song I had ever heard and I was like "I need to do this."

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Which track are you most proud of and why?

Probably the Skrillex remix because it won the contest and it got recognition from him and that was amazing. It was probably the craziest thing for me so far in my career.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: What is your favorite memory from a show/festival? Or one that really sticks out?

One that really sticks out is at this show in North Carolina this girl came up on stage during a show. It was a normal show and not a festival, but she came up to the tables and blew a kiss and then trust fell....but no one caught her. She just fell right to the ground. I had to stop the music and make sure she was okay. All her friends were super worried.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Did she jump the rails to get on stage?

No that's the thing, it was just a stage. So it was up to people's chests and she just crawled up.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: So is it set up like U Street* (U Street Music Hall in Washington DC)?

It's different. The stage for this show was there.

**At U Street Music Hall, the DJ booth is elevated so the DJ is slightly above you. You could essentially reach over the DJ booth and mess with DJ equipment. But don't do that because it'll go from 0 to 100 real quick. Reference picture below.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Who is someone you really look up to and why?

My mom, my friends, and my family. Those are really the only people I look up to. I don't necessarily have a "role model." Oprah maybe? But who doesn't look up to Oprah. Who doesn't want to be her!?

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: What is the best advice you were ever given?

To be myself and be weird. I think it can be hard, but it was definitely the best advice I was ever given

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Do you enjoy playing more intimate shows or massive festivals?

To be honest, the intimate shows that are packed. The ones that are stuffed, but people all around you. I'd much rather do that where I can connect with someone whereas at a festival, the closest I would really be to someone is 30 feet.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: What song is a guilty pleasure?

"Truffle Butter" by Nicki Minaj


Oh dude....I'm not even afraid to say that I love Taylor Swift. I have her new album. But it wasn't until her new album I started riding the Taylor train...but now I am. But honestly I don't really have a guilty pleasure song. I don't even think that should exist because it's all good. Well. Some of it is shit.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Who is your favorite emerging artist?

Oh man....I really need to think about it. There are these guys Loge21. They make really cool house music. I'm not sure where they are from, but they sent me all this cool music. Also, The Bad Royal. They're definitely going to be the next big thing. They have all their tracks set up and ready to be released, and I know once it comes out it's going to be the craziest and is definitely going to change the game.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Can you give us any detail on upcoming remixes you’re working on or original tracks?

I have so many demos that are on their way to being done. I'm trying to get into hip hop more and "listening" music too as opposed to bangers. As for remixes, anything goes....I started an All Hands On Deck remix but might turn it into an original instead.


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