Building his empire, Danny Avila is one of the youngest DJs to gain prime time on Sirius XM and have residencies in Las Vegas. Back in 2011, he won ‘Best Newcomer DJ’ at 16 years old and ever since then, he’s been touring all over the world and entertaining the world with this enterprising bangers. EPIC Productions had the opportunity to sit down in Miami with the talented, Danny Avila to get an inside scoop on what he’s all about.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: So when did you get in this week?

I got in this past Monday from Vegas!

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Where were you playing in Vegas?

I played at SLS and have a new residency at LiFE. I actually did a pool party at Foxtail. It’s pretty sick.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Do you like doing the pool parties or night clubs more? The vibes are so different.

I don’t know. It’s just very different. If I would do pool parties every day I would get tired of it and if I only played shows at night I would get tired of those. It’s all about keeping a good balance.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: What about festivals?

I love festivals the most!

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: What’s your favorite festival you’ve ever played at....and why?!

I have a lot of favorite festivals.. It’s just not easy to pick one. I would say Ultra actually last year. Last year was really good because it was live stream online and after I finished my set, I tuned in and it was crazzzy.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Since you’re not playing at Ultra this year, do you think you’ll still go and just chill or watch?

I don’t know if I’ll have time to be honest. I would love to.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: You know what you should do this year? You should go in and blend in with the crowd. You should ask people what they think of Danny Avila, your tracks, and titles that aren’t even your tracks. See how they react!

Hahahaha that would be funny. I should do that actually.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Have you ever wished that you would be in the crowd and have the experience the audience does?

Yeah. I don’t do it that often but actually when I played at Coachella two years ago, I went to see Loco Dice and during his entire set, I was on the dance floor with my manager dancing non stop. It’s fun to do it sometimes.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Can you shuffle?

Hahaha I want to learn but you know who’s really good at that?


Oliver Heldens!

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: We saw that video! Didn’t expect that. Who are some DJs that you really respect?

I would say when I started DJing, I was really into housey stuff and tech house. My biggest influences were Roy Sanchez, Fedde Le Grand but back then he was playing more tech­house and groovy stuff, and Erick Morillo. I saw him for the first time when I was 14 and I was like “Wow. This guy is good.”

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Would you ever want to collaborate with Erick Morillo?

Yes. For sure!

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Where do you think you would be right now if you weren’t DJing?

I used to wakeboard professionally. Do you guys know what wake boarding is?

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Yes... But we cannot wakeboard. You should consider throwing something together where you DJ and wakeboard though. Kill two birds with one stone.

I know, haha. I used to do it professionally but stopped doing it because there’s only 24 hours in a day. You gotta pick and choose what you want to do. But if I wasn’t a DJ, I would probably be wake boarding.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: You’re going back to back with all of these different people. What type of elements do you put into your sets you apart?

Everyone has their own way to perform and to play. The way I do it is and how it’s been forever since I started is that I’m constantly doing something. I’ll play three tracks at the same time, then I play a vocal, a sound from an old track, I’m constantly doing something.. It’s not that I’m just playing one track then play the next track. I’m constantly doing something with effects, layers, and textures.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Are there any big festivals that you want to play this year?

I am doing a lot of festivals this year especially in the summer. In the summer I stay in Europe most of the time except the shows I have to play in Vegas for my residency.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: How do the European clubs compare to the ones in America?

It’s a totally different vibe. It’s hard to explain. The crowds are different

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: How do you discover new music for your sets?

I’m a music nerd and I know every single song because I spend 24 hours a day looking through my laptop for music.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: So it’s not solely people sending you music?

That happens as well. It’s really cool that right now I get so many promos from all these producers. I give people my email, it’s on Twitter ya know, and I get a lot of really cool stuff but I also get bad music hahaha.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: So who are some of your favorite old school influences since you’re a music nerd?

Fedde.. He’s not really old school.


I was really into the sound of Defected like Dennis Ferrer. People would never expect that from me because everyone knows me for the bangers! But last night I played at E11EVEN after MAKJ. Everyone that played before me played really hard so I played groovy stuff and tech house and they loved it because it was different.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: We love to ask this....Do you like to sing?

You want to know something funny? I used to sing pretty good when I was 13... then my voice changed.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: That’s called puberty.

I know but I used to be so good at it, not anymore!

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Do you karaoke?

No, no.

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