doctor p From over beyond and across the pond, Shaun Brockhurst, better known as Doctor P, has overwhelmed crowds with his sensational sounds and dubstep tracks. Doctor P first began producing music in 2001 and released his first track back in 2009.

Since then, Shaun has made a name for himself as a dubstep and drum & bass artist, a producer and a co-founder of Circus Records. From top charters like “Going Gorillas” and touring the country, the dubstep musician doesn’t seem to stop. Luckily after witnessing a raging crowd and a phenomenal set at the Yost Theater in Los Angeles, we had the privilege of interviewing the dubstep artist backstage. Here is an exclusive interview with Doctor P himself.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: How was your set? Do you like your American fans?

It was great actually, totally love them. America has become just like the number one place for this music. It was creeping up there and now it’s just crazy. Go to Europe and it’s obviously really good still, but America this is the music for it, every show is just crazy.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: When you first began producing and releasing music back in 2009 what was your biggest inspiration?

At the time it was a lot of drum & bass, but then it was hip hop and metal. There was sort of this weird mix of drum & bass and hip hop, you can sort of hear this in my music.

doctor p

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: After producing your own music you became a co-founder of Circus Records. What is the reason behind starting Circus Records? Would you mind sharing how it began?

I wanted to start a label forever, it’s one of those things every artist wants to do is to have their own label. At the time I was signed to Maxium Boost Records, DJ Swan- E’s drum & bass label, and I was friends with Flux for like most of my life and he was making dubstep while I was dabbling with it. So one day Josh, Swan- E and I had meeting and said let’s just start something between us and that day came up with the name Circus and decided to see how it would go. Luckily it was incredibly successful but it’s all Swan- E, he was definitely the master mind. He says something and we just do it.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Haha, that’s great. So if you were to describe yourself and your music in one word what would it be?

Well my music and myself would defiantly be two different words. My music would be noisy and myself quiet.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Wow, so your music brings out the extrovert in you doesn’t it?

My music I think is my expression of myself because I don’t really express myself at all, I am quite quiet. I guess my music is how my emotions come out.

doctor p

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: You not only made a name for yourself as a dubstep artist but created multiple drum & bass aliases. Could you explain what made you expand your music and why?

I mean drum & bass was cool and we were sort of building in the scene for years but at the time it was kind of stale. Everything was kind of set it as it was and people wanted to keep seeing the same DJs, not a lot of new people were coming through. I got really tired of it and then dubstep came about, it was sort of the same sounds and so it was like a natural move to dubstep. Obviously dubstep blew up so much and I just didn’t have time to make drum & bass anymore. I mean my new track has a little drum & bass at the end, it will be the first drum & bass coming from Doctor P.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Well, speaking of new tracks, any collaborations coming up we should keep an eye out for?

Yeah! I’ve got 6 new tracks that I finished. I have never had 6 tracks finished at the same time so I don’t know the release plan for it yet. The first one is a collab with Flux and Far East Movement and I’ve got another with Cookie Monsta. One of them is a hip hop track that I am still looking for a vocal for.

doctor p

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: What is something strange that you do during your pre-show routines? We know you are quiet but there has to be something.

Most of my pre-show routines are normal but I drink one beer.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Oh, is that what brings out the Doctor P?

Haha, one beer loosens me up for the set. I drink one beer and that’s it.


EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Hands down craziest festival or show you preformed at? And why was it so insane?

EDC Las Vegas 2013, I think there was about 40,000 in the crowd. Just to see that many people like their hair and arms as far as the eye can see was just crazy. That was like a career moment because not a lot of musicians get to do something like that. They told me I am going to do it next year or that’s the deal, hopefully they stick to the deal. We can only have so many us from the label.

doctor p

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Speaking of Circus, what is being best friends with Flux like? Any weird or funny stories you could tell us?

I mean he dresses quite weird, that’s the point of humor in Circus everyone laughs at his clothes. He owns it, he wears those clothes and looks good in them. He didn’t go half-assed he went full on crazy.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Finally, for your fans out there trying to make it big with their music, what is one piece of advice you could give to them?

The thing I tell everyone is just do your own thing, be the best at what you do like own your lane. So many people try to be Skrillex or sound like Knife Party but there already is a Skrillex and a Knife Party, it’s no good being them again. You got to do your thing perfectly and no one else can do. Find the one thing only you can do and no one else can.

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