If you love deep house, you know the inevitable name, EDX. EDX has created a name for himself that goes beyond the EDM scene. The impeccable Swiss DJ has toured all over the world and have made populations of people fall in love with his music. He did just that 50 floors up in the midst of the night at The Viceroy. EDX gave Miami something deeper to vibe to. EPIC Productions was able to interview the man behind No Xcuses.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: So how’s Miami been treating you, EDX?

Miami is awesome. It’s beautiful weather out here. I’ve been on the road. It’s just crazy how many friends are in town and you get to meet music lovers from all over the place. I played at Ultra yesterday at UMF Radio Stage. There were weather issues but there were so many kids waiting for my set. It was awesome. Coming right now from the beach, I played the sold out show at Hyde Beach. So far, I’m very blessed about how Miami 2015 started for me.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: I know back in the old days DJs were more behind the scenes. Today, they’re front and center. How did it feel being in front of everyone at Ultra and having all eyes on you?

Well, I played a lot of festivals all over the world in so many different countries and different cultures. It’s freaking awesome how DJs these days get to celebrate it and how much closer the music and the DJ gets to the fans. Personally, I love to play at festivals and clubs as well. I even love to play with a small radius like 150 people who are just really into the music.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: What are some of your favorite venues for the smaller crowd?

Well I played at a lot of small venues all over the place. I played one in the US last year in Minneapolis. It was underground in the bottom of a building. I didn't know what to expect. It turned out being an amazing show. These kids are just so into music.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: What’s your whole message behind No Xcuses?

I’m a very straight forward person. I’m always trying to tell everything I think without compromise. I just want to share my music and share the music I feel straightforward without any adaption to the market. I don’t make my music more EDM because EDM is popular. I make it how I think music should be. I think people should be straightforward and share every thought and every feeling to each other. NO EXCUSES.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: If you weren’t DJing right now, what would you be doing?

I would be home with my kids, my wife, and I would have her cook.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: With you being on your all of the time, how do you manage your home life and tour life?

Home life is awesome. Work life is awesome. My whole life has been a very straight plan. Everything is very organized. Between the touring, I am always in my hometown, Zürich which I really love. It’s my home. I got to do a lot of label work, production work, management work, and touring. It’s a good balance. I’m really happy I get to do a lot of different stuff.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: So when you get home, what’s the one thing you look forward to most?

I look forward to just seeing my family, my brothers, nieces, nephews, mom, just all of my close friends I grew up with. Just to leave the office and the studio.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: With festival season upon us, what can we really expect from EDX?

Music that makes people smile. I’m playing at a lot of festivals this year like Crossnation. Many of these festivals are in the midwest because I feel like it’s not just folks on the coast. There are a lot of smaller cities where there are diverse festivals I want to hit because it’s just great to play in front of these kinds of audiences which I’m not used to every single week.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Last question! (And it’s always my favorite question to ask) I know you have so many killer vocals on your tracks... But would you ever consider singing on your own track?

Well, I don’t know. I don’t think technology would allow me to sing any song.. That would be a creative process!

In a monopolistic world of music, it’s good to know that EDX is an artist who stays true to himself and is one who creates music off of his vibes. Not only is he a phenomenal and humble artist, he’s a family man with a plan.

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