Getting a chance to talk to one of the hottest EDM duo's of 2016 was such an excitement because it's obvious from hearing their music to watching their shows how big these guys are going to get. Of course, if you are somehow under a bubble and still don't know who Ephwurd is by now, I suggest you take a peak over to their Soundcloud and prepare yourself (no matter where you are) for your mind to start feeling good vibes and allow your body to start moving to the beat. I've been a fan ever since they released their first single, Rock the Party and have been hoping for an EP release sense.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Let me jump to the first question that has been burning on my mind – When is the Ephwurd album going to come out?

Haha, not for a while. We are still building up our brand. Maybe an EP could happen this year. we have a lot of material that wouldn’t work as singles. Lots of mellow stuff that could be amazing for an EP. But for now we are just tying to release the fire bangers

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Tell me a brief summary of how the moment you two decided you were going to come together and make Ephwurd.

Troy was swamped with Datsik stuff and we were always chilling/making music. he proposed the idea and I was 100 down. I have been a ghost producer for quite some time now and we both knew that if we put our heads together we could build something dope! Mission Accomplished!!!!!

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: I love your sound…it’s like the perfect mixture of hardness yet I can dance all night as well. Where do you guys get your inspiration?

Lots of places. Troy has the heavy dub on lockdown while I have always been a house head. Its cool cause we are into such different things but when we meet we find a way to mesh them together.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: What are some of your favorite plug ins/programs that you guys are using in your music right now?

Anything and everything UAD. Serum, Massive, Ableton Operator, Saturn, Xfer OTT…. the list goes on and on and on.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Who are some up and coming artists on your radar this year that we all should be listening to?

Joyryde & Jvst Say Yes. nun said.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: EDM seems to still surprise me as I feel like so many new genres are popping out and still delivering so many new sounds. How do you guys approach music making to make sure that you continue to give your fans something they haven’t heard before?

Evolve with the scene. Bass house is hot this year maybe next year we will out out a smooth jazz record.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Datsik - I know you teamed up with Electric Family to make a bracelet for the Lupus foundation. Are there any new charities you will be working with in the future?

I'm sure there will be in the future! That one hit close to home so thats part of the reason I chose lupus for the charity. I think it's a really amazing thing what Electric Family are doing, by supporting all diff types of charities.. it shows the amount of love that courses thru the EDM scene. Big support!

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Datsik – Coming from your Dubstep background, how easy/hard was it to create a different type of sound (bass house)?

It still all feels pretty natural, I feel like writing bass house at times can even be a bit easier because it seems like a tamed down, smoother version of what is already out there in the bass music world. I think that is what drew me to it tho.. its nice to hear ideas that aren't overly complicated that still gets people jumping and excited. You know it's something special when you can make bass kids jump to house music and make house music peeps get crazy to bass music. I love the cross over potential!

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Bias Haus – Ephwurd is taking off in success right now but will we see some independent songs just from you anytime soon?

I have been ghost producing for a long time and with Ephwurd I have finally left the nest. I think with the Bais Haus project I need to figure out where I wanna go with it since I’ve made so many different styles of music. You can expect something but probably not for a while. All my eggs are in the Ephwurd basket at the moment. And when I do come out with new material it might be under a new alias ;)

The energy between these two shows how much their friendship plays into their producing process and it's so refreshing to see DJ's evolving with the scene and giving their fans (and new fans) music beyond their signature sound to dance too. If you have the chance, check out their website to see when they are coming close so you have a chance to experience them live.