One of the UK’s biggest artists, Flux Pavilion, has been killing the game since he entered it. Known for his heavy bass, we took some time to get to know the man behind the turntables in this follow up interview with Flux Pavilion (read our previous interview with the basshead HERE).

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Flux, everyone knows you for your heavy bass. What made you dip into that genre?

People I listened to were Fatboy Slim and The Prodigy. I’ve always been into that loud heavy stuff. I’m into the feels. When I write music, I try to interpret it into something that makes you feel. It’s music that resonates, generates, and gives you an infectious feel.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Do you think you’ll always be one with the heavy bass?

Heavy bass is just an element to my music. When I make music, it’s based on how I feel. It’s almost an experiment composed of my emotional energy. I like the heavy bass but whether I choose to incorporate it or not, it’s still Flux Pavilion. No matter what sound I choose it to be, it will still be Flux and it will make you feel something.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: What’s the album you’ve been working on looking like?

I can’t tell you what artists or songs are on the album yet but it exists. It’s not quite done yet but once it’s complete, I’m going to name it.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: What producer would you like to collaborate with?

I’ve known Skrillex for years so I would like to work with him. We’re good friends too but have never been in the studio. It’s always easier making music with people you’re friends with. You’re comfortable and can just get to making music.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Are there any singers or vocalists you would like to work with?

Julian Casablancas. He’s got an incredible voice. When he sings, you don’t know what note is next.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Where haven’t you toured to and would like to visit?

Japan, anywhere in Asia, and South Africa.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Speaking of travelling, what’s your favorite thing about travelling?

Seeing all the sights and the food. The best places are always the ones that make you go, “eh I don’t know if I should eat there or not”… but you do and it’s the best.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: How does it feel to know that you are one of the biggest bass DJs?

It’s a strange feeling but it’s a good feeling. I don’t like standing in front of a stage. Being on stage actually makes me uncomfortable. Getting up there makes me anxious but as soon as I’m up there, I get this gut feeling that everything feels all right. It’s a sign that I’m doing the right thing. It shows that I’m going in the right direction and the world is giving me a thumbs up.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Is there anyone in your life that helped motivate you to be the music producer you are?

Doctor P. A couple of days ago, we were talking about how our fame came quick. I met Doctor P when I was 12 and he was 15. Doctor P played drum and bass and was already making. I played the drums. Everything was all in the moment and we did what we loved.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: What do you think the music is really all about?

Music is all about doing what you love. When you make music, don’t do it just to collaborate with someone big. If you’re doing that, then you take away from what the music is all about. You don’t do it to promote yourself through the artist; it’s not about business, it’s about music. When I make music, I don’t care if it becomes a giant hit. I do it because it’s a reflection of me. If you have the idea that you’re really big and that people want you to be big, you’ll become disconnected to the music.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: One more question… What would you want to tell your beloved fans?

Don’t do something you don’t believe in. Do what makes you happy. Happiness and passion are the essentials of life. Be true to yourself and put your balls on the line. Everything can be overwhelming but remember it’s all in the moment. Concentrate on what your passion is. If you fail, just keep going.

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