Jared Lucas, also known as Kap Slap, started making music when he was 20 years old. Since then, he has gained a steady following while traveling on tour and sharing his passion for music with his fans. Jared's iconic remixes, which feature a variety of EDM and top 40 mashups, are what originally got people interested in Kap Slap. His mixes are available to stream for free on his website, Kapslap.com. His first original release, "Let It All Out," features Angelika Vee on vocals and is now available to download from the iTunes store.

We're definitely impressed with his production ability and are looking forward to hearing more from him in the near future. Here's our exclusive interview with Kap Slap's Jared Lucas.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Most of the remixes you play incorporate a wide variety of music, including a lot of top 40 tracks. When it comes to making your own tracks what genre or sub-genre do you feel your music falls into most?

I'm kind of starting out in the genre that really got me started. When I was young I was listening to all kinds of music -- progressive, jazz, fusion. I have a very open approach to music.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: When did you first start producing your own music?

In 2012 was when I finally bunkered down and really started to make my own tracks. Since then it has been a real journey.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: New York City is where you're currently based. Is that where you're originally from as well?

I'm actually from Boston originally. I grew up there. I had only been to New York with family to see Rockefeller Plaza and that kind of stuff before I started playing there. The first time I ever went to Webster Hall was when I played there in the basement.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: This is your first time performing at Beta Nightclub in Denver. Have you ever visited before today?

First for both. This is the first time I've ever been to Beta. I've heard great things about the place and I'm pretty excited… Manufactured Superstars were just here which is pretty cool -- I actually met those guys and we were stuck in a car together for an hour in the desert. Pretty awesome guys.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Congrats on your recent graduation from Lehigh University, and also on your first original release this month. Do you think your fans will be satisfied?

It's been a long and exciting journey. Most of my fans enjoy the big progressive stuff I play.  It's a pretty classic progressive album so I know they're going to like it.