mich You know him by his hit single "Treasured Soul" which has taken over festival stages and radio stations since earlier in the year. From the ripe age of 15 years old, Michael Calfan has been showing his expressive talent to the whole world. Bringing about his French touch to house music that he later developed into his own style of 'soul house', Calfan has transformed the music industry with his amazing talents and now Michael Calfan is bringing his mastermind of music to the United States on his upcoming Treasured Soul tour.

Here at EPIC Productions, we had the pleasure of getting to interview the wonderful and amazing Michael Calfan, and to catch up with how life has been since last sitting down with him during Miami Music Week.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Where do you find inspiration for your music?

Almost everywhere, in my travels, in cities, in movies, in art, paintings. I like to tell a story with the music, so every time I see something special I try to make the soundtrack for that.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Do you think starting your music career at 15 changed your path as an artist and a producer? How?

I think it helped me to make mistakes, but thanks to these mistakes I learned a lot of things. When you are too young, you don’t know which way to take, you sometimes meet bad people or you're doing it for the glory. Now I know what I am doing, I've built a strong team behind me, and I know where I want to go.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: What song do you have your deepest connection to? Why?

I think it’s Modjo – Lady, it the first single I bought and it because of this record I started producing.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: If you could collaborate with any artist, what artist would it be and why?

The list is long and it will be more pop artist than DJs. I would like to discover a new world, so maybe Jamiroquai, Lana Del Rey, Sting…

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: What was the best connection you ever had with a fan or a group of fans?

I hope it will never be my logo tattooed . The best connection was in Italy, and every time I go there, people are crazy. I have the impression to be Jay Z at Madison Square Garden!

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: What venue is your favorite for performing?

Definitely Pacha Ibiza.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: What is something about your music making process that your fans don't know about?

First, I’ll make a deep house or techno track and then I remix it in my style. Then, the remix becomes the original.

Be sure to catch Michael Calfan on tour now, and visit his social media outlets below, to stay up to date on his releases and show dates.

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