Last week, EPIC had the opportunity of interviewing Luis Dubac, the ingredient which forms the sounds of Mystery Skulls.

Mystery Skulls are an indie pop and electronic act, their music is very funky, and pleasant overall. They released their debut EP in 2011, and have been on the rise ever since. According to Mystery Skulls' social media outlets, their newest album Forever was listed as #2 on iTunes for electronic albums, and #87 on the overall list -  a pretty phenomenal accomplishment for any artist to accomplish. To coincide with the iTunes success, the song "Ghost" off of their newest album broke the Billboard Top 200, and nestled into the #14 spot in "The Hot Dance/Electronic Music" category. To say the least, Dubac is extremely talented, and involved with every aspect of Mystery Skulls. Mystery Skulls just recently kicked off tour with Fortebowie and Cherub. Before heading to the show in Atlanta, we had a chance to chat with Luis Dubac about his work with Mystery Skulls, inspiration, future plans and more.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: From what I've read about you, you seem to be a very down-to-earth person with a generally cool perspective on life. First, I would like to congratulate you on all of your success. Since the release of your EP in 2011, things have really blossomed for you from a musical standpoint. I really enjoy your sound. Its overall funkiness keeps me moving, and it keeps my mind very active. I can almost see a story throughout your Forever album. Is it safe for me to assume that the story intertwined into the album coincides with certain aspects of your personal life?

Thank you for the positive feedback regarding my music, and my success. It is nice to hear sometimes. Yes, the album is very picturesque, it certainly does tell a story. It is entirely relative to my personal life, I put so much thought and feeling into my music, that I can't help but to involve certain aspects of my life into the music. But creating such a visual story wasn't in the plans when I began creating the album.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: So the blatant visual aspect wasn't something that was intentional?

No it wasn't initially intentional at all. As the album progressed, I started noticing how visual it was becoming, so I took took the ball and ran with it. It just happened organically and poured out of me into the album.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: I know a lot of people who are very musically talented by nature, but they can never find the inspiration to make their sound available for the public ear. What was the main focus of your inspiration that drove you toward success?

I started out with no real intentions of taking it as far as I have. I would just make music for myself to enjoy, and make funny videos just to express myself naturally. Over time, I got to the point where I was making songs in a few hours, or in a night, that people were really enjoying. As it started to catch on, I dug a little deeper. I simply continued making music that expressed me as a person, and it has really progressed into something amazing.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: As somebody that has been the guy in the room making music merely to express himself, I commend you on your heart and your ability to stay true to yourself, while making really cool music and rising to the top. It's not an easy thing to break through to the next level for any artist in any genre. Is there anything that you would like to say to the aspiring artists out there that are feeling discouraged?

You are asking some really cool questions. That one is kind of heavy. I would like to tell the aspiring artists out there that are feeling discouraged to not quit. Listen up. Do not let outside influences control your creative self, if you are doing that stop it. Be yourself, be true to yourself, and let that alone pour into your music. Don't do it for the wrong reasons, do it to express yourself and let the rest happen organically. It takes hard work and focus, but it also takes authenticity to ones self. Don't let them control or decide what goes into, or comes out, of the music. Do it because you want to do it, and because you're doing it exactly how you want. Don't quit, it is a beautiful thing to create the music while staying totally true to one self.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Wow, what an absolutely authentic answer. You killed it, that was really beautiful. I hope that they listen to your advice. We need more real people making music out there. What is one thing above all that you want the people to know about Mystery Skulls?

There is so much to me, and to my music, that its hard to break down. If I were going to pick one thing, it would have to be that I am real. I am making music from an authentic standpoint, and I will always stay true to that. I produce all the music that is made. Any t-shirt that you see, and wall art, I am actively involved in anything related to Mystery Skulls. I don't just send out a team to make my decisions for me. No, I make the decisions. I do it strictly to keep it real. I absolutely love it.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Again, that is so refreshing to hear. A lot of music can get watered down and diluted with ill gotten reasons for success. Somebody expressing themselves and not being driven to create music for the wrong reason is a champion in my book. You are the truth dude. I love your outlook, and I can relate to you with ease. Thank you for being so open with me for this interview today. I just have one last question before the conclusion of the interview. Your animated music video for "Ghost" is pretty amazing. Can we look forward to seeing more videos similar to it in the near future?

Yes, actually we are planning on making a series of the animated videos, to help carry on the visual story. We're not exactly sure the venture that we will be taking, but we know that we are going to make a few of them, and that they are all going to be connected and kind of stay with the theme from the "Ghost" video. Nobody else knows this, so you get some kind of exclusive information to release now. Prior unknown information brought to you by EPIC Productions.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: That is so cool to learn. I will certainly be looking forward to the release of the continued animated video. Thank you again for your time! I look forward to checking your live performance out. Congratulations again on your success, and I hope you enjoy the rest of your tour.

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