After working a long shift all day, it’s hard at times to get motivated at night. No matter how many drinks and excitement surround you, you still can’t seem to shake off that feeling of tiredness and a bed calling your name. Yet the minute I walked into Echostage in Washington DC Saturday night to show up to a NERVO concert, somehow the energy from the crowd called my name and woke me up as if I had just had a 24 pack of Redbull.

I realized this was going to be the mood for the rest of the night and I’m glad to say it most certainly was. No one knows how to party like NERVO fans. I was lucky enough to grab the girls a few minutes prior to them going on stage. I was taken aback by how beautiful the sisters were in person and how down to earth they were. Right when I walked into the room I could tell this was going to be a fun interview. We chatted a bit about touring, producing and a potential future festival with them as the headliners.

EPIC: What do you think makes NERVO stand out in the industry?

I think our fans are the ones to tell us that. We have a lot of fun on stage and we really really enjoy what we do. We are a lot of fun, we’re girls and we have high energy. We love what we do. We absolutely love it!

EPIC: What are some of the noticeable differences between you and your fellow male colleagues?

I think we get away with a lot more. We don’t have any facial hair……..yet.

EPIC: What programs do you guys use to make music? And what’s one program or tool that you have now that you wish you had back when you first started?

We Use Logic! I wish we had computers…now when you buy computers now there is recording software for music built right in. When we started, the only way to record music was to go into an actual studio. Back when we started there was no Garage Band, you would have to do a course or something, so I am not even sure how people got into it. We were songwriters first but later had a program. But that whole entrance into programming was a massive thing for us.

EPIC: So when do you guys start making a song, where do you typically start?

Changes each time. If it’s a remix we always start with their parts. If we are starting from scratch of course it’s a track. You pull up a beat, and then you start on a riff and then you keep building on top of that. And then you deal with the top line of the melody and the lyrics. Sometimes you can do it all at the same time but often you have to lay down a few ideas on the track and then put it all together.

EPIC: It seems like from checking our your Instagram that you guys are always on the road! How do you guys have time to make these awesome tracks that you put out?

We do a lot on the road. We actually have a lot of time off the road. This December we had 18 days off in a row, which was a nice long time for us. We had a chance to enjoy a bit. But like we need one day off from gigs, and then we can get right back into the studio. We kinda get itchy feet but we love what we do and we just need one day off and then we are ready to get back into it.

EPIC: So who is one female EDM artist you guys want to work with this year?

Oooh! Maya Jane Coles is an excellent producer. DJ Anna and do you know what? I love the Krewella girls.

EPIC: Yeah! When are you guys going to unite and work with them?

Yes, they are nice girls. They’re sisters, we’re sisters, we totally understand each other that way and we’re ready to get into the studio to work with them.

EPIC: That would be so awesome! I’m ready for some type of all female festival. I think NERVO should get that together.

Yes that would be great. Girls would get in for free. And all the hot chicks will be there. We could call it Bitchslap festival…or Bitchfest. Either of those would be perfect. We’ll work on that. Guys will pay for that. Guys will definitely pay for that.

After leaving them to get ready, I anxiously awaited to see them on stage. Their opening act, Ansolo was a great and definitely got the crowd moving, as would any progressive house DJ. His mashups and remixes got the crowd dancing from the moment he came on. Yet of course from the slight transition to when we saw our two headliner heroines come on stage, I knew we were all in for a treat.

It became obvious the amount of love and energy that NERVO puts into their shows was picked up by everyone in the crowd cheering them on as they went. They really do love what they do and they love their fans, which shows in the way they respond to the crowd. Perhaps THAT is the real secret behind NERVO’s success. All I know is I cannot wait to see what these ladies do in 2015 and I hope that one of those things in attending Bitchfest 2015.

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