We got the opportunity to chat with multi-genre-producing rebel, Revolvr, who will be gracing the decks at LaSalles bar on Friday, Sept. 20th. Hailing from Las Vegas, Revolvr identifies as a DJ/producer who likes to delve into several different genres and always brings his listeners an eclectic style of sound. Check out our interview with the rising star as he talks inspiration, his go-to method to hype up a crowd and his love for the cartoon show Invader Zim.

EPIC: We're very excited to have you coming to Chico this semester. What were your thoughts when you first heard you’d be playing here?

Pretty excited.  I'm usually pretty excited wherever I go. I have not played Chico yet, so that adds a sprinkle of extra excitement.

EPIC: We heard your music was inspired by a Burning Man 2011 sunrise, leading you to ditch the corporate world for the EDM world.  After this experience, you spent a few months in the studio.  What inspirations helped you develop your sound during that time?  Any particular artists?

I've always been into electronic music, looking up to artists like Rob Swire (Pendulum), Wolfgang Gartner, The Prodigy and deadmau5.  Burning man was more of the catalyst that caused me to make the decision to take that leap.

EPIC: At the beginning of your career, you gained a lot of support from Tiesto for your “Beats Inside My Head” collaboration with Donald Glaude.  What other methods did you use to promote yourself?

I focused on the music and mostly the music itself.  I also gave a lot of music out for free as well, and I think it definitely helped.

EPIC: Can you tell us how the name ‘Revolvr’ was born?

The constant cycle of influence of music that revolves around my life, sound & performance.  I'm always inspired to revolve around different genres for the sake of good music, not pigeon holing myself into one exact sound.

EPIC: Your music ranges from dubstep to electro, what is your technique in fusing the genres together so successfully?

Mostly good & creative transitioning.  To where people do not even see it coming, haha.

EPIC: You’ve developed a reputation of throwing down some killer live shows. What kind of atmosphere and sentiment do you try to create for your fans? Do you have any go-to bangers to pump up the crowd?

Back to 'revolving', I like to take the crowd for a journey, not through genres per say, but from more of an emotional aspect, revolving through raging bangers, to deep soul seeking grooves, to uplifting vibes.  That experience is what makes people remember the journey they had.

EPIC: We heard that you share our love for certain Invader Zim characters. When can your fans expect to hear some ‘Gir’ samples?!

Haha, Invader Zim is awesome! So maybe sometime in the near future. :)