Very few individuals can say that they have reached the same heights as Australlian DJ TyDi has at such a young age. From preforming over 150 shows a year to dropping one of the most anticipated albums in the industry, the classically trained musician sure knows how to please fans. With TyDi's most recent album, ReDefined, he has not only broken but shattered the genre barriers that are so prevalent in the music industry. From what started out at about 300 tracks slowly narrowed down to 20, creating an album that is strong, addictive, and carefully mastered.

I had the pleasure of seeing TyDi live on his tour with BT at the legendary Ruby Skye Nightclub in San Francisco. With a stage presence comparable to few, his high energy and immediate connection with his fans was something that you rarely see among DJs now a days. The moment his fingers hit the decks he was so captivating and mesmerizing you couldn't help but to have a grin twice the size of his. After his stellar performance, I had the opportunity to sit down and chat with him, leaving me even more in awe than I was before.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: You started off your set with "The Hanging Tree" by Jennifer Lawrence, are you a Hunger Games fan? 

I am a Hunger Games fan but only the first one.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Why only the first?

I don't know, I guess the story line didn't connect with me as much, but I'm hoping the last one ties it all together. 

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: What about Twilight or Harry Potter? 

Twilight definitely.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Vampires or Werewolves? 

Vampires, werewolves have hair, too much hair.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Do you ever get the chance to go back to Australia? 

Yeah I do two tours a year in Australia, usually about three weeks, to cover all the markets over there and then I come back over here.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Where do you stay when your not traveling? 

I'm based in LA, but i have a house back in Australia that I stay at when I go back there.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Where has been your favorite place to travel besides going back home?

It was pretty cool to go to hawaii, and also just culturally places like India and Malasia a lot of Asian places that were just mind changing. They opened my eyes to a lot of different culture. Korea was cool, I love playing in South Korea.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Your EP that you did in the end of 2014, The Promise, you donated the proceeds to a charity, can you tell me a little bit more about that

So basically I finished my album called ReDefined and it took me three years to make that album. And the reason why it took three years to make it, is because I wrote three hundred songs to find the best twenty that meant the most to me so it took a long time. Then, when I released the album, I put it out and it is still is doing well, even to this day it has been in the top 100 every month. But, I had a lot of haters that came at me on Facebook saying that I betrayed trance. I never really claimed to be a trance artist, you know I was just pushed into that world because like when I was with Armada-Armin Van Buuren's label they kind of make you seem like you're trance. I had a lot of people saying to me that I don't know how to do trance anymore. And I was like no fuck that, I can write trance records. So, I made an EP in about two months, and if my trance fans wanted my trance music, they were going to get this EP and support the charity.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Going from 300 songs to only 20 is a huge moment for any artist. Can you discuss some of your favorite tracks from the album?

"I'm Not That Beautiful", that one really has a special thing to me. I wrote that one with my friend Charles, and it's about feeling like you're not good enough for somebody, and it kind of pulls the heart strings. "ReDefined" is obviously a big standout on the album, because it's just so positive and just about it only takes on spark you know. There's twenty songs on the album so there's quite a few that are very personal for me. All of them are mostly factual stories too.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: You were thrown into Armada at the very young age of 17, what advice do you have for starting producers and DJs who are around that age? 

Get a good attorney, be smart. Don't get too excited about signing something because someone wants your music, because these days, everyone is making electronic music. And as much as it is an art, it's also a business, so I would say to these young kids, these are the ones that already have good music, get an attorney who believes in you and will fight for what you deserve as an artist. We live in a world today where record labels will screw the artist as much as they can, and its hard for me to say that. They do not care about the artist, they care about the money. Surround yourself with a team of people who believe in you and you'll get through all that red tape. After that, make sure not to copy on the tracks. I've fallen for that trap. I've heard an Avicii record and thought oh I'm going to try do that. You've got to remember that when a big song comes out like by someone like Avicii or Tiesto, it's already been done. You can't replicate it, you can't try to replicate it because it's already been done and it will never reach that level of success. So, you have to be original, you have to be unique, and you have to find your sound and your style.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: You've done a lot of shows with BT, touring and such, how has that been and do you have any interesting stories? 

Yeah amazing, him and I have been friends for many years now and are really close friends. We've written about four or five tracks together. Beyond that we just get along great as artists so this was a dream tour for us to do. It was many years ago when I was starting out making music and BT's music shone through everything, it came out to me as like his attention to detail is genius. Every layer is just so thought out and I heard his music and I really set that as the bar of what I wanted to be like. These days my music is a lot more simplified and I'm going for clarity, and minimalism with the elements that I need. Touring with BT is a dream tour and everything has been amazing. I couldn't say anything bad about that guy, he's a lovely guy, he cares about people. He's very humble and he's done a lot for my career.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: So, whats next? Plans after the tour?

I'm going to go eat some food in bed and watch some Netflix. I have a new single, that I can't say much about yet, it's coming out after "ReDefined". And I have some sneaky things that I can't tell you guys about yet.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: I got to sit in on the meet in greet with fans, and you played a baller game of Jenga, is it really your favorite game? 

Oh yeah, definitely.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Last question, Favorite food? 

I always like sushi, sashimi, Japanese food is fantastic. Also Thai with coconut milk and seafood stuff like that.

TyDi will spend some of June touring in the States before heading to Asia, Canada, and even Jamaica for a few shows. If you're in Northern California be sure to check him out this Friday as he pleases fans at Pure Lounge in Sunnyvale. If not, be sure to check out ReDefined and listen to the carefully mastered 20-track album.

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