A big struggle in today’s ever growing DJ community is striving to be different while also staying fresh and current. Technology has propelled the scene forward in a way that makes DJing much more personal than it was some years ago. Rather than just jumping back between two records, we now have the ability to get much more versatile with our sets by applying various loops, effects, etc.

The new age of DJing has allowed for the creation of more elaborate sounding mixes with a much broader range of creative possibilities. Though the technology is there, many struggle where to find the right loops and effects needed to fill their creative voids. Though many enjoy finding these things completely on their own, company’s like Beatport have made the process a lot easier.

Their DJ tools section, a subsection I actually discovered not too long ago, is a section devoted entirely to loops and FX. This is perfect for those looking for that perfect acapella loop or FX pattern to go along with their mix. This section is also perfect for those who are looking to remix or recreate an existing song.

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