On November 12, GRiZ made his debut for the largest audience he has ever played for. Twelve thousand fans gathered at Navy Pier in Chicago for what was anticipated to be his biggest show yet. As an avid funk listener and ticket holder myself, GRiZ blew all expectations out of the water.

After the second annual GRiZ Rocks proved to be another successful year, the All Good Records family traveled throughout the United States for a month on the ‘Good Will Prevail’ tour before playing in the windy city. Tickets quickly sold out and fans could not have been more excited to see the owner of the funk record label, GRiZ.

This weekend marked my first show in Chicago and the venue was perfect. A luxurious showcase of the city opened up into a hidden back venue on the pier. Security doors revealed behind them a vacant warehouse that would later be filled to the brim with an eager crowd. Unlike his Red Rocks show, Brasstracks was the first opener instead of the second. A difference as small as this was enough for me to realize what type of show this would be. As a second opener in Colorado, Brasstracks played a set that ended up transitioning into a blend of electro-soul and a jam session between Dan Hacker and Grant Kwiecinski.

The unique combination of instruments makes me appreciate how talented these two are. A special appearance from S’natra was the icing on the cake. The trio never disappoint and they always put on a noteworthy show. Haywyre’s placement after the Brooklyn duo totally changed the vibe of the night, presenting the audience with his superb piano playing and improvisational skills.

The final moment hit and GRiZ walked out in an Anthony Rizzo jersey to celebrate the local baseball victory. Notable songs played during this incredible set included GRiZ’s first remix, which was produced while he was in college, ‘Dream On’ by Aerosmith. Other tracks included Wicked,’ ‘Gotta Push On,’ ‘Before I Go,’ ‘Good Times Roll’ and ‘The Anthem.’ Probcause made a special appearance for his hometown as he rapped his way through ‘My Friends and I.’ Towards the climax of the show, GRiZ, Brasstracks, Haywyre and Muzzy Bearr found themselves playing back to back in front of a horde of restless dancers. Lights shined from above and lasers shot to the back wall of the venue. GRiZ shined his message and echoed it through the crowd; all we need in this world is more love.

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