Ya Mon! Your Groove Cruise Miami 2016 is Jamaica bound. For the first time in 11+ years of Groove Cruise history, Miami 2016 (#GCXii) will set sail from Miami for a private island beach party in beautiful Ocho Rios, Jamaica! The journey starts aboard the beautiful Norwegian Pearl, sailing from Miami with a pre-party in South Beach. Join us January 22nd-26th on the adventure of a lifetime and book your cabin by following the simple steps below. Payment plans are offered, so no need to stress!

  1. Head on over to the BOOKING ENGINE
  2. You will be directed to sign into your Whet Travel account (If you don’t login correctly, your code won’t work)
  3. BOOM! Now you'll be able to browse all the cabin types, prices, etc.
  4. Select your desired cabin
  5. You will need an additional $200 per person for each additional partner in crime :)
  6. If you have a promo code, now will be the time to apply it.
  7. With any questions on payment plans and if you need any other booking help, our Captain Support specialists are standing by readily to assist you! 877-438-9438.

Prepare yourself for your upcoming adventure to Jamaica with the Groove Cruise Miami 2016 trailer and by reliving the experience of Groove Cruise Miami 2015 with the newly released after-movie, both which can be viewed below! Tickets for The Groove Cruise are available. Book your cabin HERE, and stay tuned for more Groove Cruise announcements and live-coverage from the cruise ship decks for both LA and Miami voyages!

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