lib2015A few months ago, many were blessed to attend an event that they will never forget. Overflowing with love, happiness, music, and much more, describes just a few qualities that made Lightning in a Bottle a fulfilling experience. The Do LaB, which has received much credibility and respect over the years for the events they curate, are still celebrating the success of their Southern California event. With 20,000 attendees coming out to experience the magical atmosphere first-handedly, the Do LaB recognized that this was an opportunity to change thousands of lives. With dozens of amazing artists, informative workshops, unique art installations, and delicious food… LiB provided the grounds for everyone to open up to others, gain insight, and grow. With the memories from this event replaying in my head on the daily, I am extremely pleased to discover that The Do Lab has teamed up with filmmaker, Vinton Depiction to put together an after movie of LiB 2015. This short film takes viewers through the special event that is LiB - beautiful, smiling faces everywhere, hoopers, fire spinners, live art, djs throwing down, and more. The recap movie was fantastically put together, with 2015 headliner RL Grime’s “Scylla” being the soundtrack, lightning bolts flashing through the crowd, and the awesome stages being shown at bird’s-eye view… truly capturing the entire essence of the event.


“LiB is proof that within all of us is a single creative spark that can give rise to unlimited possibility and potential. That spark is seen in “do-art”, heard through walls of deep sound, and felt in the hearts of each other; Our hope is that by sharing the story of that spark, we can show the world what’s possible.” - Vinton Depiction

This has us asking… what’s next for The Do LaB? Well, luckily, we don’t have to wait a year for their next big event. The Do Lab will be joining Dirtybird Records to throw the first ever Dirtybird Campout, taking place from October 2-4! Read more about this camping event HERE, and check out the 2015 LiB Official Recap Movie below!

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