lol You never know what to expect walking into any music festival. Will it be too crowded? What will the attendees be like? Will the vibes be good? Any concern, or question, has a positive answer when walking into Lollapalooza Berlin. I have been to numerous shows over the years, each delivering a crazy atmosphere - much different from one another. With Lollapalooza Berlin being my first festival, I had conjured up the craziest combination of past experiences into one single expectation for what I was to expect. However, I could not have been more pleasantly surprised walking into the entrance.

Arriving at the legendary Templehof airport, the wait in the queue was so worth it. Entering in early in the afternoon, every stage was buzzing with renowned tracks, and pleasant festival goers. Originally, I had a game plan in mind for which stages I wanted to hit at specific times, but once I got there my plans flew out of my mind. I suddenly wanted to be involved with everything around me all at once. Not only did they have fantastic acts, but they also had various attractions to get involved in. This is not simply a music festival. It is an art appreciation festival, backed by a strong sense of community. If you ever wanted to take a breather from dancing your heart out, Lollapalooza featured small businesses within their Green District. You could take a quiet walk through a multitude of workshops and activities to relax, and get an entirely different experience apart from the music. Overall, getting around was a breeze. No stage was ever too crowded to a point where you couldn't find a comfortable place to stand AND dance with a great view.


They chose to take advantage of cash lash wristbands in Berlin. I pre-loaded mine with £60 thinking it would be more than enough. Although, I soon found that it was so easy to spend every penny at the various vegan, and juice, food and drink booths. Not to say that it was overpriced, but rather, the food was too good to say no to. At the end of the festival, you were able to claim any un-used cash.

For both day one and two, each stage seemed to be relevant to one type of genre. For example, Perry's Stage featured great EDM acts all weekend, whereas stage one featured bug acts like Macklemore and Sam Smith on Saturday and Sunday. There was never a moment that made you wonder where to go next.

Lollapalooza Berlin is a perfect example of what every music festival should be. Amazing crowd, incredible music, and unforgettable atmosphere. An event that will have you looking for pre-sale tickets for the following year as soon as possible.