With all of this hype over EDCLV presale starting this past week, other festivals get lost among the excitement. A lot of people probably don’t realize that today is the start of the Mysteryland 2015 presale. Oh what, you’ve never heard of Mysteryland you say? Do not fear because this will only be the 2nd year that the “longest running electronic music festival” makes its way back to Bethel Woods, NY­ the site of the iconic 1969 Woodstock. It’s now crunch time when you decide which fests you will be making your way to next year. I am 100% #TeamMysteryland and you should be too. Here are five good reasons why you should spring for that $199 ticket and join me on Memorial Day Weekend for an unforgettable experience (PURCHASE YOUR PRESALE TICKETS HERE).

  • Historical Location: Mysteryland 2014 was the first time that Bethel Woods allowed a camping music festival back on its grounds since the legendary Woodstock Festival in 1969. Feed your inner hippie, set up your tent on the same grass as your parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and ancestors did 46 years ago and prepare to have an identical experience. Sure, the music is different, but all of the ideals that were practiced at Woodstock ‘69 are found at Mysteryland. Peace, love, friendship, appreciation, art and expression are among the few. If history isn’t enough to convince you to experience this festival, the gorgeous backdrop of green rolling hills is... (perfect for Instagramming­ helloooo 100+ likes).

  • Camping Exclusive Stages: The team at ID&T (creators of Tomorrowworld) appreciate their Nomads who decide to immerse themselves in the full Mysteryland experience and camp on their Holy Ground Campsite. It is worth it to get down and dirty to party exclusively with other campers before the festival starts. This year, there are two new installments on the Holy Ground that are looking really appealing. Channel your inner Spongebob at the Pineapple Paradise outdoor stage where anything goes; when I mean anything I mean anything from pineapple drinks to tropical house music. After you retire Spongebob, find your inner Zach Morris and head to the Breakfast Club. This outdoor stage is giving campers the ultimate throwback thursday. A retro “Saved by the 90’s” themed party will wake campers up each day; who doesn’t love a morning filled with mimosas and N’Sync?
  • Curators and Art: If you haven’t seen the newly released list of different stages at Mysteryland 2015, then I can understand why there is doubt in your mind to attend the festival. ID&T promises something for everyone this year from music to activities. Last year, there were guest speakers (anyone remember Moby talking about mind and body?) and yoga over at the Healing Garden. In 2015, they are bringing back the spiritual activities and are adding more stages to the lineup. Adam Beyer presents Drumcode, the famous Webster Hall, and James Jones presents Paradise are among the new stages being added. Making their return for a second year in a row is the Hardstyle Q­Dance stage where you can get your shuffle on, and of course, The Boat. Lets just hope Dillstradamus makes another special appearance to launch many more Washingtons off of that stage.
  • Food: If the food will be anything like last year, oh dear, are we in for a treat. I’m surprised I didn’t gain more weight from that magical weekend. There is nothing worse than dancing all weekend and having horrible food be the only option. I’m sorry, but if I am dancing for 12 hours a day, chicken fingers and a burger aren’t going to cut it. Smorgasburg, a food flea market located in Brooklyn, made its way north and found a temporary home at Mysteryland 2014. Gourmet eats from avocado toast to truffled french fries with a garlic aioli were among the plethora of options available. Be careful though not to go overboard on the food; no one wants to be thrown up on while raging.
  • Wristbands: The wristband system is the single best concept that can be added to any music festival. Your ticket and money can be preloaded onto the band which is a godsend for girls. I dont have to carry a purse! Which means bag check will be a faster process! Which means I can get to mainstage even earlier and jump up and down even harder! Yippee! Also, preloading your money onto the band before you leave for the weekend lets YOU decide how much you plan on spending. Isnt it nice to be in control?

Well there you have it! There are a million more reasons why you should choose Mysteryland 2015 as your festival of choice next year, but if I listed them all, you would be reading this article for an entire week. If you want a festival that will offer you a mind, body and spiritual experience, then I will be seeing you soon in Bethel Woods, NY (PURCHASE YOUR PRESALE TICKETS HERE).

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