Beauty Eyes I Adore Dark Highway Mix single cover
Beauty Eyes I Adore Dark Highway Mix single cover

Last week, we introduced you to some newer downtempo electronic music from Post Death Soundtrack, and mentioned the trio already had remixes in the works. Today, we bring you the first remix from the The Unlearning Curve"Beauty Eyes I Adore (Dark Highway Remix".

The Dark Highway remix of "Beauty Eyes I Adore", produced by Post Death Soundtrack member Jon Ireson, is the first of many remixes to come from the trio. The remix has a deep house and IDM style, which goes along with the genre-twisting vibe Post Death Soundtrack has.

Post Death Soundtrack, hailing from Vancouver, is known to weave together a number of different genres to create a unique sound unheard by anyone before. Who would think to mix pop and punk with electronic and industrial? These guys did, and they make it work. After a three year hiatus, Post Death Soundtrack released this recent nine-track album as an "eclectic narrative about dropping concepts, healing and venturing into the unknown."

With over 50 producers working on remixes of tracks from the full-length album The Unlearning Curve, there's sure to be more in the coming months to look forward to. Listen to the "Beauty Eyes I Adore (Dark Highway Remix)" below, and stay tuned!