As Northern Nights Music Festival(NNMF) celebrated its four year anniversary along the Eel River on the Humboldt/Mendocino County Line, we couldn’t have been more pleased with the outcome. Attendees who have been all four years stated they now feel like “seniors in high school”, being able to grow, as the festival grows. Except NNMF isn’t like your typical high school in many ways. Northern Nights celebrates inclusion, diversity, and overall love for the earth, each other, and of course the music.

What started out as a small boutique festival in Northern California has grown in size, love, and talent. Festival go-ers both new and old were blessed with multiple surprises this year at NNMF. The grounds of the festival expanded to not only allow more attendees into the festival, but to allow room for a GIANT Silent Disco that was packed until sunrise each day. The Silent Disco was filled with flawless sets from every artists who battled it out on channel 1 vs channel 2, as well as a surprise sunrise set from SNBRN.


Boasting one of the best curated lineups, the artists sure did not disappoint. In between GRiZ jamming on his saxophone or the many females whose talented vocals took over the Redwoods each day and night brought a new surprise to the festival grounds. Seeing artists such as STEPHEN and MOONZZ perform multiple sets, breaking away from their standard norm to give attendees something a little different, every day and night guests were blown away by the talent. As the sun rises you can hear the buzz of attendees discussing their favorite acts the night before, as they got ready to hit the river and do it all again.

One thing that brings me back year after year is the feeling of sanctuary the moment you see signs for ‘Festival Event Ahead’ going up the 101. Smiling faces and helping hands are everywhere you look. From the Fun Field, to Yoga, the best summertime vibes at the River Stage, or hitting up one of the renegades there is something for everyone, and most importantly something new for everyone. Hearing from friends and attendees who branched out of their comfort zones to go play a game of dodgeball with strangers or hit up a stage by themselves only to find themselves immersed by new friends, always makes the festival worth it.

Anyone who has ever been to Northern Nights can tell you there is something so special, almost magical about the event. It’s probably why, year after year, the faces get a bit more familiar, because it is so hard to leave something so extraordinary behind. However, even first-time attendees can feel the homeliness of the festival the moment they walk through the gates, and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for the five-year anniversary next year.

We hope you join us again under the Redwoods from July 14-16 2017, and check back for interviews from the festival coming soon!