For the fifth year, Northern Nights Music Festival will become home to festival attendees from July 14-16, 2017 on the Eel River. This summer is sure to be bigger and better than ever while thousands gather underneath giant Redwoods for a weekend unlike any other.  

There is something so captivating as soon as you enter the gates of Cooks Valley Campground, home to Northern Nights Music Festival. In between the smiling faces and helping hands, a special energy radiates throughout the festival grounds. NNMF has many assets that differentiate itself from any other festival including the bright sun can be averted by a quick dip in the Eel River or the ability to camp next to strangers who become life long friends.

In addition to the massive amounts of workshops, classes, and experiences, there is nothing quite like the specially curated lineup of the 2017 festival. Below are my favorite must-see artists while in the Redwoods.face

Jai Wolf: Headlining this year's festival is New York-based producer best known for his tracks, “Indian Summer” and “Starlight”. His feel-good vibes pair perfectly with NNMF for a can’t miss set. Known for his melodic and dreamlike electronic sounds, Jai Wolf is sure to captivate audiences like he has at previous venues such as Red Rocks and Electric Forest. Check out his most recent EP, Kindred Spirits to get yourself excited for his set in July.

Eko Zu: Next on our list is the trio, Eko Zu. Part animal, part human, these hybrid like creatures incorporate a wild harmony to provide fans both new and old with something fresh and innovative. With the harmonious guitar strums from Zu’CH3N, to the raw melodic sounds of Zu’ri’s voice, mixed with the wild percussive patterns of Zu’ian’s drums, the trio captures everything from jungle sounds to mystic lullabies of the Pacific. Check out their most recent track below:

John Beaver: Synonymous with sell-out crowds, high energy, and passion is Bay Area native, John Beaver. The DJ will be gracing the Silent Disco at Northern Nights Music Festival, one of the most sought out after locations for artists. John Beaver has recently teamed up with Beauz to bring a new genre of music to life, “future trance”. Take a listen to the track below:

G Jones: Known for bringing the funk, G Jones is another headliner on the massive year 5 lineup. G Jones specializes in warped basslines, groovy hooks, and a little bit of headbanging to provide sets unlike any other. A breath of fresh air, Jones constantly challenges the meaning of genres, and electronic sounds by providing a unique energy and sound to each track he releases.

Joyzu: The Sacramento Duo has been taking over the North American festival circuit including Bass Camp Festival, Snowglobe Music Festival, The Untz Festival, and now Northern Nights Music Festival. The duo has exemplified true grit and uncompromised tenacity with their future bass sound and euphoric energy. The pair never ceases to steal the show at any show large or small and has accumulated a fan base by the masses in the past couple of years. Joyzu is our must-see-soon to blow up artist on this year's lineup. Take a listen to their most recent track, Looking For  You

J.Handel (Silent Disco): Last on our EPIC list is Las Vegas resident, J Handel. J Handel proves time and time again that deep house isn’t dead. His intricate sets take listeners on a journey through time, space and a whirlwind of emotions. Currently holding down the fort at Cymatic Sessions in LV, we can’t wait for Handel to grace the silent disco with all the feels.


I firsthand can promise you I have never encountered a festival quite like Northern Nights.The vibes festival go-ers bring paired with the energy of the Redwoods create something so euphoric it pains you to leave on the last day. I can’t wait for you to join me for Northern Nights 2017.

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