For the fifth year in a row, Northern Nights Music Festival will be taking over the captivating scenery under the redwoods for a festival unlike any other. The 'Not Your Cookie Cutter Festival' will be taking place from July 14-16 on the border of Humboldt and Mendocino County at the breathtaking Cooks Valley Campground. The tickets for Northern Nights Music Festival is close to selling out so be sure to grab yours soon. Tickets include three days of music, activities, camping and more for a very low price. NNMF is an event unlike any other, and with it being just four short weeks away we have decided to create a list of 5 things that set it apart and made us fall in love. Check it out below!

The Redwoods

Northern Nights Music Festival is hidden underneath the towering Redwood trees of the Cooks Valley Campground. These Redwoods are some of the tallest in of its kind, creating the perfect scenery, and shade for this festival. With an emphasis on sustainability and doing your part to protect the environment, being amongst nature is just one of the many beauties NNMF has to provide its guests. Did you know that Redwoods are nearly as old as dinosaurs and only grow on the Pacific Coast?

The Art

We can expect this year to be bigger and better with designs from artists both new and old. Outstandingly talented pieces of art will be scattered around the festival grounds and you can expect to see anything from Art Cars, temporary installments, live art and more. This special component of the festival allows artists to release their inner selves and give festival attendee's an appreciation for art in all forms. Among these artists are unique vendors who provide an imensive amount of intricate take homes to always remind you of your time at the forest.

The Activities

There are very few places in the world you can listen to some of your favorite artitsts, hang with friends, swim on the river, and enjoy a massive amount of activities quite like you can at Northern Nights. The creators have made sure year after year to make NNMF a home to festival go-ers, creating an atmosphere full of fun and engaging activities. These activities include yoga, comedy, health and wellness workshops and more. Previous workshops have included anything from DIY to decoding dreams and more.

The River

This year, Northern Nights Music Festival will be home to four spectacular stages. These include Main Stage, Off the Grid Stage, Groove Stage, and one of EPIC's personal favorites, the River Stage. This stage allows us the unique opportunity to vibe out to some of our favorite artists while we are on both land and water. Make sure to bring a raft, sunscreen, and good vibes and come on down to the river for an amazing experience you have most likely never had before.

The Friends

Like Lightning in a Bottle, or Burning Man, there are a very special group of individuals who attend Northern Nights every year. A friendship unlike any other is formed between strangers, both enjoying the redwoods and impeccable vibes. Whether you are venturing for your first time, or haven't missed a year of NNMF, the grounds, staff, and attendees are sure to make you feel at home, and truly apart of the family. The memories you make and friendships you create are sure to last a life time if they are made under the Redwoods.

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