In just 30 short days, Weekend One of our beloved Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival will be underway. Drawing in crowds all over the world Coachella is one of the most high-demand festivals of our time. With resemblance to the historic Woodstock Music Festival, the event allows attendees to find their inner-selves through a variety of talent, art and more. With two weekends already sold out and a massive lineup, we know that like years previous this Coachella will be one to remember. Check out our list below for 5 things to know before venturing to Indio, California.

STAY HYDRATED: Like many festivals that occur during the day, hydration and treating your body right is key. Coachella is in the middle of the California's Colorado Desert, and temperatures can reach heights of close to 100 degrees or higher. In between sets, make sure to find some shade, and check out the free water stations to treat your body right. Three days of dancing, partying, and enjoying your surroundings can really wear on your body and water is sure to become your best friend throughout the weekend.

SUSTAINABILITY: Coachella Music Festival prides itself and its attendees on their sustainability and love for Mother Earth. From CARPOOLCHELLA, to a 10-for-1 recycling program, Coachella has everything it needs and more to become a traceless festival. My personal favorite is the Energy Playground, which allows all of us to bring out our inner child. Attendees have the chance to get loose, and have fun while unplugging from the grid. However, the energy you create at the playground helps your phone charge along the way. Other favorite are Recyclosaurus Rex who hangs out with festival campers, and Poltar the Great.

THE DO LAB STAGE: Beyond a perfect place to get cooled down with their misters, The DoLab creates something special for festival attendees. The DoLab which is host to Lightening in a Bottle brings a special vibe to the Coachella grounds. With unique art installations and a lineup not present on the official Coachella lineup, The DoLab has been home to big artists including Henry Krinkle, Odesza and more. Check out our exclusive on Coachella's secret weapon, The DoLab.

MASSIVE LINEUP: Coachella prides itself on a lineup unlike any other. With an array of music genres us at EPIC urge you to step outside of your comfort zone and check out some of the smaller acts at the festival. There have been artists who got their foot at the door at Coachella and have then reached new heights of success. Be sure to take some time out of your day to venture to stages you might not usually go to, or close your eyes and pick a name on the festival lineup and go check them out. You never know when you might discover your next favorite act.

ART INSTALLATIONS: Last year, Coachella art installations included a massive, and I mean MASSIVE Astronaut that even had the capabilities to wander the festival grounds. This 36-foot tall, 57-foot wide, 40-foot long creature was just one of the few intricate art installations located inside the gates. It's visor at night also turned into a video screen, how cool is that!? Other previous installations include the Coachella Snail, the Giant Green Caterpillar and more. Us at EPIC can't wait to see what is in store for 2015 as we know they will only get bigger and better. For a full list of 2014 art, check HERE.

Unfortunately, both weekends of Coachella Valley Music and Art Festival are completely sold out and we envy those who snagged tickets. However, we urge all festival lovers both new and old to save up and take the journey to Indio, California in the future for a weekend of a lifetime. For those of you have attended Coachella previous years, or are venturing for the first time let us know your favorite, or most anticipated part of the festival in the comments below!

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