Think festival seasons over? Guess again! Kicking off early last month, Safe in Sound Music Festival has already been an enormous hit. With 30+ U.S tour dates, 150,000 watts of sounds, and some of the biggest names in the Industry, Safe in Sound is bringing some of the heaviest bass music to a city near you.        

Though just one night, I think you’ll find this festival packs quite the punch. Each show has come closer to closer to selling out which is making things all the more crazy and all the more fun. With superpowers such as Borgore, Snails, Zomboy, Eptic, and many more, this should come as no surprise. Watch any recap video and you’ll see just how wild this year has been.

Are you interested yet? Each show is an 18+ event that usually will have a couple different ticket options (early bird, VIP, etc.). Though varying slightly between cities, I think you’ll find the pricing to affordable, especially in comparison to other festivals. Merchandise can be purchased online and ticket/prize giveaways are held regularly.

The final show date isn’t until the end of November so there’s still plenty of time to attend. Be on the lookout for Safe in Sound in a city near you! If you’ve attended please give us some feedback in the comments section below! Buy tickets.