Good news to all you DJs out there, Soundcloud has just announced a new revenue model! Not only does Soundcloud offer revenue earnings to original songwriters, but they have now expanded their model to include artists who upload original mixes, live and recorded sets, and remixes.

According to Stephen Bryan, CCO of Soundcloud, “This will be the first time we’ve invited DJs and producers who create remixes and sets on Soundcloud to start to be able to monetize and participate in the revenue that we’re generating through ads and subscriptions.”

The company released a statement on their blog saying the purpose of including DJs into their Soundcloud Premier program is to increase opportunities for artists to build an audience while still getting paid. The way Soundcloud Premier works is by subscription service revenue. In order for more artists to get paid, there needs to be a consistent increase in Soundcloud subscribers.

With all the controversy over streaming and revenues, Soundcloud is revolutionizing the music world by offering revenues to DJs. Unlike other streaming services such as Spotify and TIDAL, Soundcloud is a platform where anybody can share their creative content.

Currently, Soundcloud premier is invite only, meaning just a few DJs are able to try out the program. However, that number of invites is increasing day-by-day. If you are interested in checking out this new program make sure to go to