London grime duo Stooki Sound are back again with a killer new EP. Staying true to their roots in both hip-hop and EDM, their Osiris EP gives listeners a healthy mix between both genres. By featuring a variety of new sounds and artists, this EP is guaranteed to appeal to hip-hop fans and EDM fans alike.

 Being a longtime fan of Stooki Sound, I was pleased to see that they kept their minimalistic style consistent throughout the EP.  Their track Endz, which was released as a teaser about a month ago, served as a great introduction to the EP as well as a preview of their new sounds.

Probably the best thing about this duo is their ability to keep things interesting. Though usually keeping to this minimalistic style, Stooki Sound constantly explores new sounds and tempos that truly aren’t limited to one genre. They’ve been a part of numerous collaborations with big names such as Hucci, TroyBoi, and several others that have all seemed to push the boundaries on modern hip-hop and EDM. So what’s in store for the future? It’s hard to tell but I can assure you they will keep it interesting.

Please check the link below to hear their new Osiris EP and be sure to check their Sound Cloud and Facebook pages regularly for new music and concert dates.

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