If you’ve ever been fortunate enough to see this man live, you’ll agree he’s something out of the ordinary. Abraham Orellana (A.K.A. AraabMuzik) is famous for combining hip-hop and electronic music to create a signature sound like none other. His ability to bounce between genres keeps his music interesting and his fan base broad. What makes his music even more distinguished? The way he goes about making it. Famous for his signature use of the MPC drum machine, AraabMuzik takes producing and live performances to a whole new level.

Mastery is an understatement; watch any of his live videos on YouTube and you’ll instantly see what I mean. Whether it’s remixing or producing something new, AraabMuzik is constantly changing it up and keeping things creative. In an interview on The Hot 97 Morning Show, he talks about his background in drums and the piano and why he got into the MPC. It was exactly this instrumental background that has turned him off from computer based music software such as Logic, Ableton, and other DAWs and led him to continue producing the way he does.

In the past several years, his name has become more and more recognizable. He’s been on tour and played at shows/festivals across the world. Where can you find him? Soundcloud and Facebook are the best places to check out his music and peep new releases. Check his videos out on YouTube and be sure to catch him in a city near you, you won’t be disappointed!

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