Waiting, waiting and more waiting is what fans have experienced since 2013 when Skrillex, What So Not and RL Grime dropped bits of their collaborative track during a few live sets. The ultimate bass collaboration appropriately named Waiting was released a few days ago, leaving fans anything but disappointed.

This isn’t the first time these artists have gotten together and dropped a banger. A little over two years ago RL Grime & What So Not got together to release their trap anthem “Tell Me”. Waiting was written the same day as “Tell Me”, the track went through a few different cycles and was eventually put on hold until all three artists felt like the timing was right. At the time it was written What So Not was still a duo from Flume, even though they’ve split the original version of their part remains. The track has already received tons of support, after you listen to it you’ll agree it was worth the wait. Follow the link below to listen to one of bass music’s most insane collaborations.