tw This weekend, the people of TomorrowWorld are making their way to Chattahoochee Hills - 20-some miles outside of Atlanta, Georgia. In it's third year in the States, TomorrowWorld is sure to bring over 150,000 pioneers and newcomers to the magical land we wish we could live in forever.

So where did TomorrowWorld start, you ask? In March of 2013, ID&T Belgium, made up of two brothers, Manu and Michiel Beers, wanted to start holding a remake of Tomorrowland and created TomorrowWorld.

The festival is held in its particular location of Chattahoochee Hills because it resembles Boom, Belgium, where Tomorrowland takes place. Nestled within over 8,000 acres of green forests, clear lakes and massive amounts of farmland, located just outside Atlanta, Chattahoochee Hills is a naturally beautiful location that was chosen out of over 100 other different sites around the globe for the new home of TomorrowWorld. We couldn’t agree on a better pick.


Rolling hills, natural lakes and a calm climate allows the festival experience to be fully presented and engulfed by festival-goers. Take a stroll from stage to stage through the tree-lined paths or over bridges constructed just for the festival. The land and site for TomorrowWorld is just simply a picturesque of perfection.

It's not just the location we rave about. Have we mentioned Dreamville? Dreamville is a magical city within the festival that welcomes 35,000 festival campers. It offers unique features such as luxury camping, a fresh bakery and other unique shops. If attending the festival, there is no way you can pass up an unforgettable camping experience on site by staying in Dreamville. The tent village is separate from the parking lot, and no cars are allowed into the camping grounds, making the camping experience even more memorable. Be prepared to haul your camping gear and belongings for the weekend, unless you want to be making more than one trip back to your car. Trust us though, the initial haul and hike to Dreamville is worth it once arriving in the magical, friendly community. Become friends with some of the other campers, and create cherished bonds and lifetime friendships.

Colorful tents and festival attendees span the village in every direction as far as the eye can see, with wooden boardwalks leading to the entrance of the festival. Dreamville is a community in itself, lined with information booths, coffee shops, convenient stores, food booths, showers and even a salon. Every morning, wake up to watch the sunrise, grab a fresh cup of brewed coffee and engulf yourself in reading the TomorrowWorld newspaper, passed out daily.


Now, how about that lineup? The main reason one decides to attend a specific music festival is because of the lineup, am I right? One of the most amazing features of TomorrowWorld is that the festival is completely STACKED with electronic music artists of all genres, with performances spanning across a number of different stages, and live music being a constant well into the late hours of the night. Multiple stages are dedicated strictly to different genres of music including techno, dubstep, hardstyle, deep house, trance, and new this year - tropical house with Thomas Jack!

Headliners for this year’s TomorrowWorld include Benny Benassi, The Chainsmokers, Kaskade - among many others, and that’s only the start. With over 300 of the world’s best DJs and producers included in the lineup, there is definitely something to fancy everyone’s electronic dance music earbuds. The festival’s lineup itself is enough to make anyone want to close out their summer festival season at TomorrowWorld.

Finally, let us discuss TomorrowWorld as a global community. It all starts in the Atlanta airport. Festival go-ers are waiting for their friends to land from other parts of the world before heading to the festival grounds. You can pick out and spot the ones heading to Chattahoochee Hills by the amount of camping gear, tank tops and flower crowns - it’s easy to strike up a conversation about the awaiting weekend. Over the past two years, festival attendees made the trek to Atlanta from over 75 different countries around the globe, all to embark on the journey of TomorrowWorld together.


At TomorrowWorld, different country flags some attendees have never even seen before are spotted in the crowds - just more of a reason to strike up a conversation and make new friends. There is no greater experience than to meet so many different people from different cultures in such a short amount of time. When you set aside all differences between yourself and other humans from different parts of the world, all that is left is you, the music and a strong sense of unity and love. This is a feeling that TomorrowWorld gives festival go-ers, and it’s a feeling that can never be forgotten.

TomorrowWorld received a nomination for Best Music Event at the International Dance Music Awards. The first TomorrowWorld had over 140,000 people gathered to listen headliners such as Armin van Buuren, Tiesto, David Guetta, Calvin Harris and over 200 other artists, who played on eight different stages. The second TomorrowWorld had an even larger crowd with over 150,000 folks. Every year the EDM festival tries to make improvements such as their cashless transactions where your wristbands would serve as your ticket to enter. Your bracelet also pays for all bars and food vendors within TomorrowWorld and Dreamville. TomorrowWorld is also the only EDM festival in the U.S. to have a 21 plus age minimum, in hopes to attract a more mature crowd.

The festival kicks off this Friday, September 25th and the grounds of Chattahoochee will be whomping for three straight days. The festival sells one day access as well as a three day access passes, so get them HERE while they last as they are running low.