With T-2 days until the gates of Ultra Music Festival 2015 open for the world to experience, EPIC is here to give you some of your final tips to gave an amazing festival experience this year.

MONEY When arriving at the festival, make sure you opt for cash versus cards. While the festival grounds do have access to ATM's, you don't want to risk losing your credit cards. Plus, the exclusive apparel, cab rides, food, water, all are much easier obtained. It saves time and also could save you a potential crisis, in the case that you lose it.

COMMUNICATE  With over 70,000 people attending each day of UMF, the venue will be crowded. While a little bit of pushing and shoving may occur around the park, make sure to maintain a good perspective. You are filled in a city for a weekend that has flown in some of the most talented music artists in the world, take it easy. You are surrounded by thousands of amazing people from across the globe, with over 60 countries represented last year alone. Get to know them, dance with them, take pictures with them; this is the place where music unites everyone from around the world.

HEALTH While we all know you're out to have a great time and see every artist that you put on your schedule, be sure to rest and take breaks. Drink LOTS of water. Don't underestimate the Miami sun, it will dehydrate you quicker than you think. No outside drinks are allowed, so be sure to bring money for water inside, which is $5 a bottle. Ultra has strengthened it's restrictions on what Camelbacks you are able to bring in so be sure to check the website to look at specifics. In a worst-case scenario, go to the first-aid tent and politely ask for some water.

CAN'T GET ENOUGH Although UMF is a jam-packed weekend of talent and dancing, for some, it's just not enough. That's where Miami's club scene and performances from the Winter Music Conference as well as Miami Music Week come to the rescue. With cheaper ticket options, MMW and WMC provide even more music for those night owls who just can't get enough.

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