Let's face it… “EDM” has hit the mainstream. Festivals, adds, movies, TV; all now boasting the catchiest and most commercial beats in the top 40. Not all top 40 is bad, however, when the entire line up at the main stage of your favorite festival plays the same catchy hook and drop the last 4 DJs played, it is time for you to take a stand and branch out of your comfort zone. There is SOOO much good music out there, some very talented and incredible acts are passed on every weekend for headliners like David Guetta, Tiesto and the like. Well lucky for you, we have compiled some of the best breaking artists you have never heard of (or maybe some you have), so you can be the one in your crew to say that you knew all their music before they blew up. Not only is this list guaranteed to make you feel like a hipster, you will also find some really kick ass music in the process. So without further adieu, here are our top 10 breakout artists.

*All Artists had under 50K followers on Soundcloud at the time this article was written.


  • Arman Cekin- Arman is a rising artist who specializes in future bass and melodic trap music. We have been keeping up with him for some time and vibing out to his funky bass lines and tight harmonies. He has been featured on multiple popular social media electronic music blogs and is a Trapstyle favorite. This artist from the Netherlands strikes the perfect balance between good summer vibes and nostalgia with his remixes of songs like Timberland’s “The Way I Are” and Baby Bash’s “Suga Suga”. You should definitely keep an eye out for this blossoming artist and producer.

Followers: 37,200

  1. Blu J- BLU J is a dynamic duo consisting of Alex Blue and Jay Witzen and damn do the know what they are doing! With remixes that range from deep house to future bass and everywhere in between they meld the two sub genres into a perfect sound that keeps you vibing until each song finishes. The duo blends genres effortlessly and bring fans of both deep house and future bass together under one beautiful platform. YourEdm says BLU J has been blowing up more than most in the year of 2015 and we aren’t surprised. No doubt, BLU J has plenty more up their sleeve for the year, and we can’t wait for every track to drop.

Followers: 7,877

  1. Casper Zazz- Tallying another future bass act, Casper Zazz is a group boys from down under in Melbourne, Australia. Sam Korman, Ben Field, and Matthew Levy. Just their late teens, they make us feel like we have barely mounted to anything. They have a wavey and flavorful sound that include elements of tropical house. Their oldest track on Soundcloud dating back to just 2013, Casper Zazz has a huge future ahead and we will be following them the whole way there.

Followers: 3,087

the floozies

  1. The Floozies- Electro-funk group, The Floozies, bring the 70’s back into style with a very unique sound and vibe. Their incredibly tight bass lines and Earth Wind and Fire like grooves are guaranteed to get you to shake it like bell bottoms are back in style. We can’t rave enough about this group who recently opened for Griz’s Say it Loud Tour, who not surprisingly, were the first ones to sign under Griz’s All Good Records. Their infectious and upbeat music is something you can always rely on if you're ever in a down mood (or any mood for that matter). Their Album Do Your Thing dropped earlier this year and is jam packed with good vibes from top to bottom. Check them out!


  1. G Jones- The Artist with the most followers on this list is Santa Cruz basshead, G Jones. If the name sounds familiar, it may be because he recently collaborated with the bass legend himself, Bassnectar. G Jones is no stranger to the scene however, he has been melting faces for years and has frequented many a festival lineups this summer, most recently EPIC’s own, Northern Nights Music Festival. G Jones is pretty distinguishable from most other artists with his higher pitched twonk melodies and his ultra deep reverberating synths, each song guaranteed to melt your face a bit more than the last. Look for G Jones to soon become a household name in bass scene. After all, Lorin can’t be wrong!


  1. Hi-LO- In any music genre, if an artist wanted to try a new sound or style from another genre it is more than safe to assume that fans would tear them apart and call them out for, ‘selling out.” But Oliver Heldens and a few other big names in electronic music have found sanctuary in creating alter egos and aliases. By anonymously releasing songs under another name they can be judged solely on their sound before the world can judge by their identity. Oliver Heldens' usually upbeat sound finds a harder and darker center in his alter ego Hi-LO. With only two songs released, Hi-LO had already made his mark on the electronic scene before it was announced that the Hi-LO was in fact Oliver. Hi-LO’s music has graced many a sets, including: Diplo, Green Velvet, Flux Pavilion, Tiesto, Umek, Tchami, Kaskade, DJ Snake and Knife Party. We all knew Hi-LO would dominate before the background identity was announced.

Followers: 6,920


  1. J. Phlip- Jessica Phillippe, better known as J. Phlip, is a house music powerhouse rocking the underground and festival community’s socks off. “She aims to rock the dancefloor without relying on the most obvious tracks,” can be seen on her Facebook. Her bouncy tech sound is a breath of fresh air to a lot of stale sounds that have been played out. She is a trailblazer for women DJ’s across the globe and her path to success is blossoming with an ultimate girl power identity that we just can’t get enough of.

Followers: 27,249

  1. Lumberjvck- It always makes you feel good when you can say “I knew of (fill in artist here) before they got big.” For some of us here at EPIC, this especially rings true for Lumberjvck. A hellish hybrid between dirty dubstep and apocalyptic trap, Lumberjvck has been absolutely rocking the greater LA area for a few years now. His live shows are an absolute mad house and it’s a wonder he hasn't been thrown in an institution for what he blasts from the decks. This has not gone unnoticed by some of the big players in his genre as there is a rumored 12th Planet colab in the works, as well as just recently opening for ex-Krewella man, ‘Rain Man’ at “Control LA” at the Avalon in Hollywood. This kid could easily hold down the crowd at EDC’s Basspod, and there is no doubt that Lumberjvck is destined for stardom.

Followers: 25,409

  1. TheRealBoss- Also hailing from the greater LA area, TheRealBoss is taking the underground by storm with his heavy twonk style jams. His opus “Clvsh”, has racked up over 100K plays on soundcloud and for good reason. With, dare I say it, “snails” like potential, it is only a matter of time before this dark horse gets noticed and blows up. If you know twonk and bass, this artist is surely right up you alley. He has us hooked, it’s no doubt that he will have you hooked too.

Followers: 6,049


  1. Woolymammoth-We were lucky enough to stumble upon this hidden Trap gem right before Snowglobe 2014. We fell in love the moment we heard Ella and kept falling in love with each track after that. Woolymammoth’s music can make you smile, stank face, shoulder flow, and drop it low all in the same song. Listen to his whole EP and get ready to lose your mind. This trap lord fuses dark sounds, glorious and majestic feels and sinister beats all in the same track.

Followers: 30,500

Follow these 10 artists, show off your favorites to your friends, and sit back proud to know these artists ‘before they got huge.’ Who are your favorite up-and-comers? Be sure to comment below.


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