CrewSunStage-16Calling all of those who enjoy wholesome experiences, opportunities to absorb and spread knowledge, and engulfing themselves with music, love, and organic happiness... Symbiosis Gathering is right around the corner. For some, Symbiosis may be a gathering that was previously unheard of. For others, though, this event has earned an extremely special place in their hearts. Starting back in 2005, the crew over at Symbiosis Events has since continued to put on soul inspiring, soul finding, and soul nourishing gatherings for thousands to be a part of - as a community.

Over the course of four days, September 17-20, the grounds of Symbiosis will be home to many. What better place to have an event like this than at the gorgeous Woodward Reservoir in Oakdale, CA? Being out in nature, surrounded by nature, is something that every person needs, and once you’re out there… there is no doubt in my mind that you will form a beautiful, deeper connection with this place we call home.

Not only does Symbiosis offer dozens of interesting and informative workshops, permaculture intensive courses, yoga classes, aquatic art installations, and more… the music at this event is something that makes the experience even better. Filled with so many talented artists is proof that this lineup was well thought-out, and most definitely, a dream lineup for many. Of course it’s impossible to see all of the amazing acts set to play the fest, which calls for some decision making. Before we start to feel the pressure of set times, here are the 15 Must See Sets of Symbiosis 2015.

1. BOB MOSES Tom Howie and Jimmy Vallance, better known as the electronica duo Bob Moses, have certainly earned a spot on this must see list. Integrating sexy guitar riffs and electronic sounds with soothing, hypnotizing vocals makes their productions extremely addicting - as they keep you pressing play over and over again. After seeing this duo perform live, I can confirm that you will be blown away.

2. THRIFTWORKS Jake Atlas, the “seeker of unearthed sound”, defines experimental with the musical work of Thriftworks. His ability to make such unique sounds flow together flawlessly is an inspiring quality that makes this artist unforgettable. Every track will take you on an euphonious journey, each one incomparable to the next.

410881_10150920108396591_769971590_9759370_564466666_o3. NICOLAS JAAR The raw, authentic sounds of Nico Jaar’s music will both surprise you and intrigue you. This musical mastermind is no newbie to experimentation with sounds, and his skill shines through in every project he takes part in. With his stunning production quality and stage presence, it is apparent that Nico is fulfilling his destiny with this music stuff.

4. GAISER A great techno track always makes me feel all warm inside, and Gaiser has, well, plenty of them. Creating pieces of art that are defined by a pounding bassline but are still extremely groovy is what makes Gaiser a special set to catch. His set at Symbiosis is without a doubt, one of the most anticipated over the weekend.

5. BLEEP BLOOP Watching this artist blow up so quickly proves that he has some undeniable talent. If you like music that is in your face, rattles your speakers, and makes you question if it’s even from this planet… then be prepared to experience an alien abduction of sounds during Bleep Bloop’s set. Actually, if you have any tips on how to prepare for that, let me know. The unpredictableness of what he’s going to bring to the Woodward Reservoir gives me goosebumps.

6. FOUR TET Do you ever listen to music and just sort of… float away? Every time I listen to Four Tet, I feel as though I have to bring myself back to earth. This artist’s creations are some that come straight from the speakers and into your soul - possessing the power to uplift your mood, instantly. Who doesn’t love that?

7. ESTA This artist has definitely been gaining a lot of attention, and for good reason. From creating massive singles, to putting the much-loved Esta-twist on remixes, to frequently being reached out to by other artists to produce beats for them…Esta is consistently showing the world what he has to offer. Any day that this Soulection artist uploads a new track is a good day. Can’t wait to see him perform his art at this wonderful gathering.

Symbiosis2013-2905-28. TIPPER Dave Tipper, who goes simply by the name “Tipper,” creates music that is extraordinarily complex, yet simple. What I mean is, from a production point-of-view, the rare arrangement of peculiar sounds that makes Tipper’s music what it is seems impossible to replicate. The simplistic factor comes from the vibe/feeling that these sounds reveal from within you. Listening to Tipper brings me to my most natural state, undistracted by busy thoughts or emotions. In other words, just BEING.

9. MINNESOTA B2B G. JONES What do you get when you take two extremely talented bass music artists and put them together? If you thought, “Minnesota and G. Jones,” then you are absolutely correct. After seeing these boys throw down separately, I can’t even imagine how crazy it’ll be to see them perform together. Bring on the BASS.

10. THE ACID When three gifted musicians come together to form a project, the result is most likely an extraordinary fusion of musical abilities. Together, Ry X, Adam Freeland, and Steve Napela are a three-member group that goes by the name: The Acid. Ry X’s opulent vocals overlaying the amazing productions by Freeland and Napela all fuse perfectly to devise musical masterpieces.

11. EDIT & OOAH PRESENT: CRYING OVER PROS & OF PORCELAIN Now, we all the know and love The Glitch Mob, but have you heard THIS side of ⅔ of it’s members? It’s amazing to see the side of artists that you haven’t seen or heard before, and edIT and Ooah are bringing their side projects to the Symbiosis stage. Being able to make different types of music shows how various moods can affect the music they create, and seeing them perform as Crying Over Pros and Of Porcelain will be a rare sight to catch.

cat-install-medium12. SHPONGLE Worldly, psychedelic sounds and mesmerizing vocals… these are only a few words out of many that describe the awesomeness that is Shpongle. This duo’s music is mind expanding, and don’t be too surprised when you find yourself snapping out of a trance-like state that this music puts you in. After Raja Ram performs his magic, you will understand what it means to be “Shpongled".

13. THE DIRTYBIRDS: ARDALAN, JUSTIN MARTIN, J. PHLIP, CHRISTIAN MARTIN I’m sure anyone that follows this label will agree that it’s impossible to choose favorites. Dirtybird Records out of San Francisco continues to bring the heat with every song, EP, compilation album - basically anything that artists on this label release is straight fire. Symbiosis Gathering is spoiling Dirtybird lovers with not one, not two, not THREE, but four of these birds to come show everyone what being a Dirtybird is about… let us flock together for these ones.

14. EPROM This artist’s extreme individuality is what immediately drew me to his music. There’s honestly nothing like an EPROM track, and therefore, there’s nothing like an EPROM set. Unexpected breaks followed by heavy kicks and mind melting bass are qualities that he specializes in, and his set is one that’ll definitely get that blood flowing.

SYMBI115. SABO The vibes that Sabo gives off while performing are unlike any I’ve felt from an artist. His love for music and DJing radiates as he performs, setting a comfortable mood throughout the entire crowd. Everywhere you look during a Sabo set, there’s smiling, dancing, and expressing love for one another… it’s amazing that a single artist can emit energy like that through their music.

No matter who you decide to see perform, or how you decide to spend your time at Symbiosis Gathering… the opportunity of attending an event like this is one-of-a-kind. With so many activities to take part in, it’s the perfect place to explore your mind and try new things. This event is truly a place to gain an unforgettable experience that you will pass on to friends, coworkers, relatives, and even newer generations.

With Symbiosis being just a little over a month away, NOW is the time to purchase your experience pass. Get them while they’re still on sale HERE!

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