Klingande One of Europe's most talented up-and-coming Electronic Dance Music artists and producers -- Klingande -- gave us an exclusive interview before his "late night" show in Denver this past weekend. This special "late night" (early morning) show took place at the Gothic Theater located on South Broadway. While the event began with Dynohunter's set at 11:59am on Friday, August 7th, Klingande didn't take the stage until about 2am on Saturday morning.

Originally from Croix in the Northern department of France, Cédric Steinmyller formed Klingande in December of 2012 while studying music production in London. The following year Cédric released two popular tracks with his friend, Edgar Carty, which were well received by the European EDM scene. Klingande's single, "Jubel," quickly made it to the #1 slot in more than 30 countries -- including #1 in Germany for more than 7 weeks. The track also hit #1 on Hype Machine two different times and "became the most Shazamed song across Europe and #26 most Shazamed track of all time."

I rendezvoused with Klingande's crew behind the Gothic before sitting down with Cédric backstage for a brief interview before his show:

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: The EDM scene in Denver is booming -- with tons of local and international support alike -- have you ever been to Denver before tonight and what do you think of the city?

Yes, I've been hearing that, I think [Denver] is really great. This is my second time here, I came one time before for my show at the 1up video game arcade bar [That is -- 1up on Colfax during his North American Fall Tour 2014.]

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: You've been producing music for at least a few years now under the name Klingande. Did you have any musical endeavors before the DJ / EDM scene?

Yeah, I've been playing piano since I was 8 years old.

Cédric distinctly integrates his early musical talent into his own production work with a clear appreciation for live talent and instruments -- such as the saxophone and vocals featured in his single, "Jubel."

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Your music is often labeled as "Tropical House" -- how do you define your musical direction -- do you have any particular styles you try to embody?

I really like the Deep House / Melodic House sound and especially tracks that also have vocals.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Are there any particular artists you feel have affected your career or inspired you in some way or another while producing your own music?

Flume is one of my biggest influences [the Australian EDM instrumentalist] but I really love Avicii too. I also really like David Guetta because of his great vocals.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Klingande [pronounced "kling-ond"] is actually a Sweedish name [which means "to-chime" or "to-sound"] -- what made you choose this name?

I really love the Swedish House music scene and this is why I decided on the name Klingande.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Do you have any new projects or tracks we can expect to hear later this year?

Definitely, I plan to have some new music out in September or October. [just after his summer tour.]

While Cédric admitted that he was extremely exhausted -- having just flown in to the States from Europe the previous day -- his performance was loaded with energy. The Gothic Theater is more cozy than other music venues in Denver making it an unforgettable event for Klingande fans. Despite being a late night show, the crowd was surprisingly packed with jovial faces dancing to the uplifting 'ear-candy' of Klingande's Deep House tracks. The balconies overlooking the stage were packed with fans waiving their hands and swaying along to the music. The saxophone, played by Arnold Pol, certainly adds something magical to Cédric's euphoric beats.

Overall, the show was an incredible experience for those lucky enough to be in attendance -- and EPIC Productions will be keeping an eye on Klingande in the months to come. "Thank you Denver for the amazing night" tweeted Klingande on Saturday afternoon after his performance. This was one of those shows that leaves you with nothing to say other than, "damn that's epic!"

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