2014 has been an explosive year for dance music. Besides shaking the establishment of pop culture, in the forefront of everything has been the artists themselves. With a scene as large and expansive as electronic dance music, it's difficult to narrow down ALL of the talented on-the-rise artists who made their mark in the past year, so we chose to bring you 14 of our favorite breakthrough artists of 2014. Last week we introduced you to seven artists for PART I of our segment and featured Goste, ZHU, Bixel Boys, Wax Motif, Cherub, Goldroom and Aazar. All have made serious moves in their career during these months, doing all they can to push the movement and add their own unique spin on the industry's music. These artists have emerged from the underground, produced alongside seasoned tastemakers, worked on massive collaborations and created new sounds. Without further adieu, relive 2014 with us as we bring you seven more of our favorite breakthrough artists of this monumental year for electronic dance music.

Someone you definitely need to watch out for heading into 2015 is up and coming 18 year old trap artist Woolymammoth. Be on the lookout for this San Francisco native as he continues to blow the music world away with his classic samples, crisp vocal chopping, and powerful bass. Woolymammoth has racked up over 17,000 followers in the past year and is known for his original “Cult” that has just about 300,000 plays on soundcloud. This well deserved fame has earned him the support from legendary trap artists Brillz and Mr. Carmack. Woolymammoth had his first showing at Northern Nights Musical Festival 2014 where he displayed an array of filthy beats and head-banging hip hop. With his new track “Unsound Mind” with Beazy Tymes out on Mad Decent, Woolymammoth is featured on two different “5 artists not to miss” lists for SnowGlobe Music Festival this year, and will soon after be seen performing in Kansas City, Austin, Vancouver and Victoria. Sit tight as we expect new releases, more show dates, and much more from this phenomenon as he explores his fresh musical career.

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Hot off the streets of LA is “Sunset House” mastermind, SNBRN, who has emerged with huge new remixes of 50 Cent’s “21 Questions” and Melanie Martinez’s “Carousel”. This electronic producer is known for his unique ability to blend hip-hop classics with a deep, thumping bass that you can’t stop dancing to. Steering far away from the bandwagon of dance music, SNBRN stays true to making music that he likes as well “creating a hybrid sound of multiple genres and decades construed into a feeling that a lot of people can relate to”. Using mainly just acapellas, SNBRN creates his own unique sounds, writing melodies and chord progressions that give his remixes as much originality as possible. At OMFG 2015 in San Diego, SNBRN will be kicking off the new year rocking his “Still Burnt” motto proud. As far as the future, we expect to see many upcoming shows for SNBRN with plans to hit the mid-west and Canada, as well as becoming an LED resident, which means tons more shows in the San Francisco and San Diego areas. For now, continue to enjoy all the free downloads, there isn't anything to complain about there!

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Bringing nothing but happiness and good vibes to listeners across the world, JackLNDN soothes the mind and soul while your body stays grooving along to his uplifting remixes and melodic, deep originals. With his ongoing EP “Summer Never Ends” which features original tracks from the man himself, we can expect many more innovative sounds to come from JackLNDN this upcoming year. Creating a unique style of house, the London producer uses warming synths as well as a combination of stunning vocals and catchy rhythms to bring beautiful music to our ears in his remixes of Goldroom’s “Embrace” and George Maple’s “Talk Talk”. As he emerges as a powerful dance music producer in todays scene, JackLNDN’s main goal is to translate happiness through his music. So, stick around, get your groove on, and wait to see what other magic JackLNDN has cooking up for us.

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The eccentric electronic live music duo, The Devine Xperience, released their self-titled debut album this summer, and since has been basking in the success with their release hitting the #1 spot on the Progressive Breaks Chart. Since their early summer debut release, The Devine Xperience has been riding their way to the top of the electronic music industry with interviews and features in DJ Magazine, The DJ List, The Examiner - among many others. The success isn't stopping here. The duo has plans to release a music video for "The Answer" later this year with the constant remaining goal in mind to create music without borders, and no boundaries or boxes to define it.

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The up-and-coming band, Cosby, has blended the genres of synthpop and Britpop to create a sound of their own, releasing their first single "Heartracer" off their upcoming album with a music video to coincide. Their new single "Heartracer" is described as "that moment when we finally feel at ease with the realization that we are all, for better or worse, heading in the same direction on this big floating rock in space we call Earth.” Similar sounding to the works of Passion Pit and M83, Cosby, has opened up for Future Islands and finished as a semi-finalist in last year's International Songwriting Competition. The band from Richmond, Virginia consists of brothers Chris and Chip Cosby, alongside Mike Levinson. The band formed back in 2012, after years of playing on their own, the brothers decided to join forces and talents to work together in songwriting, instrumentals and vocalization. Cosby's debut album In Flight was dropped in late November of 2013, blending "dream pop aesthetics, indie dance and synth, and progressive textures." Since then, the band has been soaring. With more music on the way, there's no stopping Cosby in the rising musical path they're on. For more information on Cosby, be sure to visit their social media outlets below, and in the meantime, take a listen to their new single "Heartracer" off their upcoming album.

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This summer, Thomas Jack has released five different 'Tropical House' volumes via Soundcloud, and since then, the young artist has been having the year of his career. The 20 year-old rising DJ and producer from Bemboka, Australia is known for his sounds. His music is an island adventure in itself, without having to splurge on the expensive plane ticket and resort stay. Thomas Jack's hit tracks and remixes are filled with saxophones, flutes and trumpets. He works in the jazz orchestral sounds to create a unique style suitable for music lovers of all ages. Klingande and Bakermat have even made their own guest DJ appearances on the mixes. I can't think of a better soundtrack for summer road trips and all-day beach hangs, or even beating the blustery winter blues. The artist has been touring non-stop, first alongside Kygo, now hitting the winter festivals, and there's no stopping the talented producer when it comes to releasing hours of new tropical tunes. Sneak a peak to all of Thomas Jack's 'Tropical House' mixes below, and look for more to come from Jack in 2015. #TropTilYouDrop

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Electro-duo, Aubergine Machine, incorporates a fresh and ultra-modern electro-pop vibe into their music. The singles capture the feel of South Beach, and the season of fall and winter in the tropical climate, right after the tropical storms have died down. The producer of the dynamic duo, Ian Carey, is known for his many multi-platinum records and MTV Video Music Award. He has toured and performed all around the globe with world-renowned artists including Basement Jaxx, Avicii, Diplo, Swedish House Mafia, Faithless - among many others. Carey has teamed up with singer and vocalist Shanti Ellis in collaboration to create their new experimental project, Aubergine Machine. For those who are fans of Flume, Little Dragon, Lorde and Massive Attack - you are sure to love what Aubergine Machine has coming for listeners and fans. The sound is what I like to call "chill electro" with a mix of "electro-funk" - perfect for your beach and summer playlsits. If you're liking what you're hearing, be sure to also check out their music video for "Call it Fate, Call it Karma" below, which is a cover of the single released by The Strokes. Be on the lookout for more to come from the electronica duo Aubergine Machine.

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