New Years Eve is going to be a huge event for many EDM fans this coming holiday season but fans in Denver are in for a treat with the epic line up that has been announced at Dedcadence. This year it seems like the folks over at Global Dance have stepped up their game and announced a ton of massive headliners such as Armin Van Burren, Bassnectar , Kaskade & Zedd just to name a few! While the entire show is going to be worth catching (get ready to run around back and forth to the stages to embrace as much music as you can) there are a few acts that you should make sure you get a chance to see (including one that you won’t be able to see anymore in 2015).

Snails – While the imagery that you get from vomit may not be one you want to think about, its one that Snails boost proudly to his followers. His type of music which he has coined vomitstep is definitely something you check out at least once live. He’s definitely been on the rise this year and someone who I expect to see even more monstrous vomit tracks to be released in 2015. His track with Jack U "ID", is still one that I can’t help getting out of my head. If you are in the mood to hear some heavy bass and sounds that may overwhelm your senses for a bit, I definitely recommend stopping by the Bass Arena at some point to give him a try. If you are going to vomit though, please try to do it away and out of the crowd.

GrizmatikGRiZ & Gramatik? Need I say more? I happen to love when artists come together. It’s like watching what would happen if Santa Claus and a unicorn ever met up in real life. Amazing insanely good talent, which is what happens whenever Grizmatik hits the scene. Think of this sound of a dubstep type funk combination and more so, something you need to hear at least once before you enter into 2015. Every time I hear "My People" come up on my playlist I instantly turn it up and get just as hype as I did the first time I heard the track. Definitely make sure you check them and double cross your fingers to see if Big Gigantic will come along for an Big Grizmatik (Big Gigantic + Grizmatik) performance!

Deorro – Now this is one act where you will want to catch it because you won’t see Deorro performing again. The young talented producer of the insanely catchy "5 Hours" is quitting touring in 2015 to get back to what he is best at, producing. It’s been an amazing festival season from Deorro but recently the DJ announced on Twitter that he wants to spend more time with his family, produce more music and get back to helping out his Panda Krew with their music projects. His songs are addicting house beats that you will be humming in your head all day long and I can only expect that he is going to be releasing an amazing set to end 2014 to please all of his fans. Definitely hit up this set if you want to hear some fantastic house music and watch Deorro tear down the convention center.

Bassnectar – I’m biased with this one but it’s hard not to be. Bassnectar has had an amazing year with the release of his album Noise vs Beauty. The bass lord himself, Loren, will be blessing Denver before he hits up Nashville for his NYE spectacular but don’t expect his day before performance to be anything short of amazing. The amount of effort and dedication he puts into his shows to make sure each one of them is memorable is the true definition of an artist. With each heavy drop, rumbling of deeper bass and some of the smoothest transitions ever its no wonder why its been such a successful year for Loren. It seems like every Bassnectar show I have been too this year he has dropped a new unreleased track and I’m sure he is going to continue the trend in Denver. This show is definitely one you want to catch if you want but I have a feeling even if you are at the other stage, you’ll be able to feel the vibrations of the bass over there as well.

Whether you are going to dance the night away in the Global Dance Arena or let the heavy vibrations of the Bass Arena keep you company at Decadence, the lineup is full of so much talent that you will be satisfied on either (or both) nights that you attend this EPIC festival.

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