Defined with an interesting sound like none other, SoundSnobz is a competing musical force that’s pushing edm music to new heights. By possessing skills in a variety of genres, the collaborative efforts of both Troyboi and Icekream result in a powerful/new sounding approach to dance music that will not disappoint. Their music made a lasting impression in 2016 and by the looks of it shows no sign of dying down in 2017. If you’re a fan of dance music, hip-hop, jazz, or really any genre of music for that matter, SoundSnobz will appeal to you.

DJs/producers Troyboi and Icekream are definitely not new to the music scene . Both have been producing music for a number of years and have had numerous releases and top artist support. Troyboi has been featured on Diplo’s Mad Decent label a number of times and has even been labeled one of Diplo’s favorite emerging artists.

Their music is something that’s truly extraordinary and can’t be put into words. It’s definitely one of those thing’s you’ll have to hear for yourself. Be on the lookout for SoundSnobz in the next couple months as well as both of their independent projects.
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