ABRO We all know festival season is just around the corner. We have just a few more cold weeks of February before we star getting a taste of that warm spring sun in March that begins the season of dank beats and festival days full of happiness and empty of life’s daily stressors. The new upcoming festival that is a MUST for traveling US ravers, study abroad students, and european electronic dance music lovers is Abroadfest in Barcelona, Spain.

March 3-5 2016, on the impressive beaches of Barcelona the De Lis Group and Prime Social Group will be hosting some of the biggest names in electro house, trap, saccharine bangers and thousands of study abroad students alike to join under one roof for the best electronic dance music meet up of the season. Marshmello, Slander, NGHTMRE, The Chainsmokers, Cash Cash, Matoma, and more will be filling Barcelona with some of the biggest up and coming vibes to date.

This festival may be a baby, only in it’s forth year of production, but has one of the best lineups any study abroad electronic dance fiend could ask for. Last year, bloggers met students studying abroad from everywhere in Europe to Peru. If you can make it to visit your best friend studying abroad, you have to meet up with them in Barcelona for this three day extravaganza!

We already know of some CSU, Chico students with tickets in hand for Abroadfest 2016. So, get your ticket and keep an eye on our social media for a location and time announcement for an EPIC Productions/Chico State meet up during the festival. Check out this Abroadfest 2015 recap video and we know you’ll be itching to join us there.