With the rise in temperature, new banging EPs constantly being released and the relaxing vibes circulating in the air, it is officially time to welcome Festival Season. Festival Season is marked as the time period from Spring through Summer when the absolute best music festivals of all genres are scattered across the globe for your personal euphoria. With Buku Fest kicking off last weekend in New Orleans, it is time to welcome two more of the most anticipated shows of the season, Ultra Music Festival in Miami, and Beyond Wonderland presented by Insomniac in Southern California.

This article will present you as a go-to guide for all of the essential festival needs and the must see artists at Beyond Wonderland 2013. So pack your cars with only the necessities, and most importantly grab your closest friends and prepare for the journey down the rabbit hole with Beyond Wonderland.

  • Its all in the journey: Whether you are driving ten hours to Southern California, flying, taking a train, or live just minutes away from the San Manuel Event Center, never forget to enjoy the journey. Make sure your iPod is fully charged and full of your favorite tracks to prep yourself for the show ahead of you. Remember to stay as comfortable in the car and not to forget your parking spot. There is nothing worse than being the last people to leave a venue because you can’t find your car
  • Venue Map and Set Times: The venue map and set times will both be your best friends at the event. Don’t feel the need to spend your entire time at one set, the most thrilling part is racing from stage to stage to see some of the more unknown headliners that drop some of the dirtiest beats or the happy go lucky tunes that you can’t help but to smile and dance along to.
  • Utilize your Smart Phone: With the increase in technology, my best advice for this section involves your smart phone. Make sure your phone is fully charged before you depart down the rabbit hole. Set your lockscreen or background to the set times and venue maps for easy accessibility, and clear out your old photos and videos and make room to capture more memories to be cherished. Also make sure to get the numbers of everyone in your group, this may sounds silly but you never know when you might end up alone by yourself and unable to reach anyone you know. Finally there is also a Beyond Wonderland app that you can download for all of your electronic needs.
  • Stay Hydrated: One of the most beneficial aspects of Insomniac Events are their “Hydration Stations” or free water refills. You can purchase canteens and water at a costly price at the venue or bring your own from home ranging anywhere from an empty one time use water bottle to an empty camelback to fill up when you get inside. Being out in the sun for most of the event, and raging your face off is tiring and the most important aspect is to stay hydrated.
  • Have Fun: This is the fifth and final thing off your checklist and seems unnecessary to even state but is something that should always be remembered. These events are all about exploring new opportunities and adventures whether it be through new music or new friends, always remember to take the time to enjoy the reason why you chose to go to the event. And of course, always remember - PLUR.

Now onto the ridiculous line up that Pasquale Rotella was able to create even with the event in the midst of Week One of UMF.  With headliners from Swedish House Mafia’s very own Steve Angello, to electronic pop sensation David Guetta, or up and coming dubstep star Crizzly, the lineup for Beyond Wonderland is completely stacked. Now we're going to hand over some tracks by some of my favorite artists that you have to be sure to check out at the event taking place at the San Manuel Amphitheater in San Bernadino.

The first track is an oldie from closing headliner and one third of the Swedish House Mafia trio, Steve Angello. The electronic beat differs from the usual SHM classical tunes, and even if you were unfortunate enough to miss Swedish House Mafia’s One Last Tour, I can guarantee Angello’s set will make up for it. This festival banger will be sure to have you on your feet with the thousands of others in anticipation for the funky drop.

Working with some of the biggest names in EDM history such as Tiesto and Fedde le Grande it is no surprise that up and coming producer/DJ duo Bassjackers is among others on the Beyond Wonderland 2013 lineup. Bassjackers is a must-see at this event and number one on our list of artists to watch at Beyond.

Next up is Netherlands native Dash Berlin, who recently graced the decks of POPNYE in Oakland, Calif. The trance super star combines a power combination of happy-go-lucky tunes with smooth rhythm and remarkable LED and light panels creating a seemingly magical moment for ravers alike.

Trance and progressive house pair W&W follow Bassjackers closely behind on our must-see list. The duo has gained attention by preforming on a large scale of shows such as Beyond Wonderland Bay Area, POPNYE, and UMF 2013. The duo has remarkable talent with bouncy beats that will have your feet shuffling. Our only advice for this set is to be there and make sure you have room to dance.

Last up on our list is rising dubstep star and Insomniac Discovery Project winner Crizzly. Blending a funky twist of hip hop and dubstep also titled ‘Crunkstep’ the Austin Texas native throws down hard. Crizzly, who is currently on tour with Dirtyphonics will be making a pit stop to DJ twice at Beyond Wonderland. Make sure to plan your set times accordingly to make it at least one of his dirty and hardcore sets.



Author Credit: Cheyenne Havens