EPIC Productions' resident DJ Andy Fox had the pleasure of interviewing Chris Patrick Connors and Brandon Lebrock who form DJ/production duo Oddio Visual. Read more to find out about their tastes in music, how they met and probably most important - sushi or pizza?

EPIC: What's up Chris - we met before when we DJ'd a house party a few years back, you just got done DJ'ing Coachella after winning a contest. A lot has been happening since then, in a nutshell, what is on your plate right now?

Chris: Right now I stepped aside from my DJ Chris Patrick phase to start up a production team called Oddio Visual with my buddy Brandon. Been making a lot of music that has been getting local hype and grabbing shows here and there. It's been a fun ride so far.

EPIC: When did you meet Brandon Lebrock and how did Oddio Visual begin?

Chris: I met Brandon in high school, he was a grade below me; but we really didn't talk much. My freshman year of college I DJ'd a school dance at my former high school and I only played electronic music. No one was digging it besides him and his group of friends. We chatted after the gig and I realized we had a lot in common. From there on we started hanging out more.

Brandon: Well Pat basically told you the story. We first made music under That Guy and Chris Patrick and then decided on a new name about six months ago.

EPIC: What production software, hardware, or VST's do you love using the most?

Brandon: We run everything out of Logic Pro. The only hardware we have is an AxiomPro 49 keyboard, apogee duet audio interface, and some Bx5a M-audio studio speakers. So basically, nothing special. We use software for most of our sound design. Our favorite VST's are Massive, Nexus 2, Kontact, Omnisphere, and Stylus RMX. Shout out to my good friend Diego Stocco for doing a lot of the sound design in Omnisphere and Stylus RMX . I suggest that everybody checks those out!

EPIC: You have a big variety of genres on your SoundCloud. Liquid DnB, Dubstep, and Electro can all be heard in your sounds. Are you still exploring and expanding your styles?

Chris: We love to touch new sounds and explore new genres all the time to be experimental. Beginning off this year we fell into a melodic down tempo sound. Kind of like if Kaskade made dubstep to an extent.

Brandon: I think we will always be exploring with new sounds. I feel that if you don't experiment with different sounds and genres, your music making process would get a bit boring and you wouldn't be able to grow as an artist. As of right now I think we're sticking to a melodic, downtempo style, and like Pat said, it would be like if Kaskade made dubstep.

EPIC: As Oddio Visual do you think it is more important to focus on live performance or music production?

Chris: I believe live performance and studio production are both equally as important. We want our fans to enjoy our sound from both angles.

Brandon: They're both important, but if someone held a gun up to my head and said you have to choose one, I would choose music production. Today, in order to get noticed you have to produce your own original music or put out solid remixes. Then once you've done that, and have established a solid fan base, then you can start focusing on live performances and all that fun stuff.

EPIC: What or who inspires you guys the most in electronic music.

Chris: All talented young aspiring DJ/producers because we know how hard they all work just to get noticed. I can easily say for the both of us though that Sub Focus is an artist that inspires us.

Brandon: Sub Focus for sure!

EPIC: Sushi or Pizza?

Chris & Brandon: Sushi On Pizza

EPIC: Awesome guys, it was great to catch up with you and see what you have been up to. Where and when are your upcoming shows, I'd be stoked to come out.

Chris & Brandon: We have Supperclub in Hollywood in a couple weeks that we are stoked about!

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piAuthor Credit: Andy Fox | Resident DJ/Videographer | Chico, Calif.