Though its meaning is constantly debated, Brillz ensures his fans Twonk is a word that that has no one definitive meaning. Those of you who know Brillz of course know what I’m talking about, but for those who don’t, let me elaborate a little more.

Sami Diament (A.K.A. Brillz) is an L.A. based producer who emerged into the EDM scene back in 2012. With a background in almost every genre of music, his production is unique, professional, and quite frankly awesome. Among his early releases, the Bueller Ep he did alongside Diplo and Etc!Etc! was a three track EP that showcased his wild production style. To this day his song Swoop is a personal favorite of mine because nothing sounds quite like it.

            Since Brillz’s emergence into the EDM scene, his music and Twonk brand have seemed to create a little sub culture of their own. You can recognize fans at shows and festivals by oddly designed clothes that showcase the word Twonk just about everywhere on the piece of clothing. Consistently putting out all types of music, Brillz is someone that should always be on your radar. Be sure to check him out in a city near you and be sure to check out his newest remix for Knife Party’s and Tom Morello’s Battle Sirens. Have a favorite Brillz track? Leave us a link in the comments section below.