Just last week EDM superpowers Snails and Flux Pavilion released their newest track, 'Cannonball' on Circus records. The track has already taken the world by storm, reaching Beatport’s #1 dubstep track almost immediately. By including the signature sounds of both artists, this track is everything fans could want and more.

Once an underground artist, Snails has recently taken the world by storm with his “vomit” sounding synth work. People have come to recognize his music as something different, which in the EDM community is welcomed with open arms. He has worked on several collaborations and has made it to the top charts a number of times.

Co-founder of Circus Records, Flux Pavilion, is a huge name in the EDM community and one of the early pioneers of dubstep. His music applies the perfect balance of melody and gritty baselines which in this scene is something everyone can respect. Though this being his first collaboration with Snails, he too has worked with a number of other artists and seems to always be reaching the top charts. 

If you’re a fan of Snails and Flux Pavilion this track is a must hear, but even if you’re not we urge you to check it out anyway. Click on the link below to hear “Cannonball” and let us know what you think in the comments section below.